Marvel Legends “Tech Suit” Spider-Man Review (500 Words or Less)

Monday night the family went out to see fireworks at a friend’s place. Of course, this led to visiting strange and exotic locales, like the Target near his residence.

When I go out looking for action figures, I am usually pretty confident that I won’t spend any money. Everything in the stores around me seem to be overflowing with figures I already own. Such was not the case this night!

To my amazement, they had four (one of each) of the new Spider-Man Homecoming wave. Due to mitigating factors (money, and the lack thereof) I had to leave Tombstone and Beetle behind. I did leave the store carrying a new Cosmic Spidey and this guy, the “Tech Suit” Spider-Man from the upcoming (as I write this, in TWO DAYS!) Spider-Man movie, his first solo movie in the MCU. Since I haven’t seen the movie, I am not 100% certain the suit’s role vs his suit in Civil War, other than what I have gathered from the trailers. Tony Stark gives him a suit that talks to him, with wings, shrinks to fit his body, etc etc etc. Again, all conjecture right now.

What isn’t conjecture is my opinion of the figure.

First off, even with my limited photography skills, he was fun to shoot. The main reason being is this figure has a very realistic looking texture to it over most of the body.


The texture on most of his costume really pulled me in while I was taking pics.


We also get something unique to this figure, two heads with different spider eyes. One is wide open like we usually see the character, the other is squinted, a look I thought I’d never see in a live action movie. Much like the simple gold outline of the bat symbol on Rebirth Batman, the reasoning behind the need for the eyes on a mask to squint (sensory over load) as established in Civil War was an ingenious idea that once you heard it, you think, “How did no one else come up with this?”

Squinty eyes all day long up in here!


I liked the Spider-Man from the Civil War 3-pack, but it felt rushed. Not so with this one.

Homecoming on the left, Civil War on the right.



He has little wings like he had back in the early days of his comic, something that always annoyed me as an OCD kid. I can appreciate them more as an adult. Fair warnings on the wings, they pop in and out in a little notch inside his bicep. They aren’t completely loose, but they are tiny and almost translucent. Be careful when you use them that you are somewhere where there is no danger of losing them.


There was a rubbery feel in his arms, but nothing horrible. While a wider range of motion than Pizza Spidey, I still feel like his hips need to have more articulation. Other wise, you get two heads, an extra set of hands and wings.



It is, of course, just my opinion, but I like him a lot more than the previous MCU Spider-Man. I think if you’re on the fence, he is a must buy. If you see him, pick him up.

He is available here:

What did you think of him? Are you getting him? Are you excited for the movie?


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