S.H. Figuarts A New Hope Luke Skywalker Review (600 Words or Less)

“Farm-boy” Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, or Episode IV, or A New Hope, or whatever nomenclature you choose, is an older figure. Not traditionally old, mind you, but in a year when Hasbro releases a dozen waves of Legends, and the import companies push out regular product, this figure is over a year old.

“Move over Grandpa, because these Episode IX Lukes aren’t gonna sell themselves!”

When we were little, Luke Skywalker was us. I can’t even imagine how many of us there were trapped in tiny, crappy towns all over the country, and eventually the world. We would have loved to have found out we were actually a space wizard and we belonged to a much larger cause than school and changing the channel for our parents (this was before the days of remote controlled TV, kids!).


Yes, Luke was the hero we all aspired to be when Star Wars hit theaters. That was until we got older and realized that the actual story was never about Luke, but rather the rise, fall, and eventual redemption of Anakin Skywalker. That was a little too meta for most of us to grasp when Star Wars came out.


How is the figure itself?

It’s a great figure. Maybe one of the top Star Wars figures Bandai has released. It has the golden hair highlights that many took umbrage with on Jedi Luke, but they seemed to be toned down considerably. The standard S.H. Figuarts articulation is all accounted for, along with two additional sets of extra hands, a helmet head with the blast shield down, a light saber, a neutral face and a somewhat derp-impaired happy face. I’ve read that Bandai does those kind of faces to achieve an Anime type look. Honestly, that face could really only be used if Luke was going to a Jawa strip club and he finally saw what they were packing under those tiny, disheveled brown robes.

I don’t remember Luke ever smiling like this. Ever. For any reason.

Also included is one of my favorite Figuart effects to date. The little floaty ball that shot out tiny lasers (Jedi Training Orb Thingee, or JTOT for short. I made that up) at Luke is here and attaches to his light saber.

Maybe they have done similar things with their other lines, but I love this effect. The detail on this training droid is incredible.

He is taller than the ESB Bespin Luke from the Black Series, which totally rocks my belief system as Bandai tends to scale on the short end of the 1:12 scale.

Its really unfair to compare a Black Series figure to a Figuarts figure, but I’m going to do it anyway.

He looks great next to Jedi Luke from ROTJ and yes, you can swap out the head/face pieces if you so desire.

As you can see here, the hair from “Jedi” Luke is completely swappable.
The neutral Farmboy Luke’s face is possibly the best likeness of a young Mark Hamill in any scale.
“When dad rubs my shoulders, it makes me want to kill younglings.”








Should you get this figure? Are you a Star Wars fan? Yes? Then yes, you should get him. A hundred times, yes. If you see him, and you have the spare cash, pick him up. If you just like amazing detailed action figures then it’s a “yes” again. In short, if you have an interest in action figures or Star Wars, you should have this Luke.

He can still be picked up at the following places:

What do you think of him? Also, I apologize for the old pictures, I took these for a review I ended up never writing until now.


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