Mezco Deathstroke Review (1000 Words or Less)

The Mezco Deathstroke has arrived. Deathstroke first appeared in New Teen Titans #2, waaaaay back in 1980. Marv Wolfman and George Perez needed a new villain and they ended up with this guy. He is potentially the most dangerous non-meta in DC comics, with his hand to hand combat skills placing only second to Batman. He first showed up on my radar with The Judas Contract. It’s a very well crafted story by two master storytellers in their prime. If you’ve not read it and you’re a comic/Deathstroke fan than I recommend picking it up.

This isn’t the first Deathstroke figure I’ve reviewed. If you’re interested, here is the DC Icons Deathstroke Review. It is, however, the first Mezco Deathstroke I have reviewed. See what I did there?

Let’s jump right into the action.

Mezco Deathstroke
Mezco Deathstroke

What’s in the Mezco Deathstroke box? 

We get the figure, two head sculpts, three sets of hands, a pistol with working holster, a sword with working sheath and an assault rifle. Both of the guns have clips that can be removed.

Mezco Deathstroke

This is really a stellar looking Deathstroke head.

Mezco Deathstroke

I like the unmasked head sculpt almost as much as I liked the masked version. That’s pretty rare. He has exactly the kind of condescending expression I’d expect from Wilson.

Mezco DeathstrokeMezco DeathstrokeMezco DeathstrokeMezco Deathstroke

Mezco Deathstroke
The attention to detail Mezco gives their weapons, pouches, and armor always makes me happy.

Mezco DeathstrokeMezco Deathstroke

As I mentioned, he has 3 sets of hands and some other toys.

Mezco DeathstrokeMezco DeathstrokeMezco Deathstroke

What doesn’t work with Mezco Deathstroke?

The standard Mezco complaints are here. As always, articulation is limited by both the fabric of the uniform as well as the various pieces of armor. Still, compared to other figures in the line, I feel like they are working on correcting some of the articulation issues.

Mezco Deathstroke
I don’t know why foot pivot is a big deal to me, but it is, and this is lacking.

I also feel like with a master assassin like Deathstroke should have more weapons. The PX version (that I didn’t get) is all black as opposed to his comic blue and orange color scheme (which is why I didn’t get it) and has three more weapons included. I wish Mezco would produce weapon accessory packs. Then this would be a non-issue.

What works with the Mezco Deathstroke? 

The argument has been made that this figure is packed full of Mez-flair. One could also argue that he looks more like an Arrow-verse or film version of Deathstroke. They would be correct, but I don’t view that as a bad thing. I enjoy the little touches of realism here and there that we usually get. Despite the lack of weapons (and that’s just me being an entitled ninny), it’s a great figure. I’ve heard people have broken off his leg/foot armor. I tell you these kinds of things not because I’ve experienced it, but because if anyone in our community experienced it and I can stop someone else from being too aggressive with those parts, then its a “win” for me.

Mezco Deathstroke
Those canisters are not removable and not needed, so I appreciate the time and detail they put into these things.

Mezco Deathstroke

Should you get the Mezco Deathstroke?

Yes. For a collector of the line, he is a great addition. If you’re a Deathstroke fan, I would assume this would be a must-have. Maybe you love comics or the Titans or George Perez, whatever the reason, this is a great Deathstroke to have in your displays. As a result, I would grab him before his price increases even more (or get the PX version if you can reconcile your love of comics with an all-black uniform and black/gold helmet). The price is slowly but surely rising.

Ready for some Glamor Shots? Also, that’s only funny if you’re over the age of 39.

Mezco Deathstroke

*Ring Ring* Who is it? The dead horse I’ve been beating about how this Punisher bullet effect needs to be packaged with every figure with a gun.

Mezco DeathstrokeMezco DeathstrokeMezco Deathstroke


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