OLDBOY CTTS General Leia Custom Head Review

This is not a review of the Black Series General Leia figure. The trouble I had standing this figure, combined with the frustrating single jointed arms and poor paint application would not have won it any points in my book. It has nothing to do with how I originally felt about The Last Jedi (I think I’m turning a corner on it, I’m actually looking forward to the Bluray release).

This is really just to take a closer look at the excellent paint job OLDBOY CTTS did on this head. Let’s look at the stock figure.

As you can see, this is your average, run of the mill, “meh” human offering from Hasbro’s Black Series Line. Same company that can make movie accurate legends. Weird. I guess Star Wars stuff just doesn’t sell for them.


If you look at the stock head close enough, you can see the sculpt its there. Unfortunately, its buried by the painting process. I always envision a single figure standing there while Hasbro button pushers hit them in the face with a 1:12 scale shotgun shell full of paint right in their dumb, dead faces.

What happens when you apply the paint in a fashion that brings out the details rather than bury them?

This. This is what happens when you care, Hasbro.

With this one simple swap out, she becomes a figure I am happy to have next to my Figuarts and Mafex figures. Much like in my experiences with my Poe head from Old Boy, or the Lando I picked up on eBay, their work is outstanding. The customer service has been top notch as well. With this one, we even got a present:

I was not planning on owning a Porg, but I am practically giddy that we received one with our order!

If you’re interested in purchasing his work, he does limited runs. You’ll need to direct message their page but the process is super pain-free and at no point was I ever concerned that I would not receive what I ordered. Please go check it out and tell them I sent ya!

One final pic for you:



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