Marvel Legends Beetle Review (600 Words or Less)

The Beetle is not a character whom I have a lot of in-depth knowledge. In my past experience, he’s usually just a hired goon. Sometimes he gets to be on a cover, but even then, he’s usually not the idea man. Unless the idea was “shoot that guy with your beetle power ray.”

I bet this started with the three of them taking night classes to get their GED.

I know this isn’t the first Beetle figure Hasbro has released. I think there was an “ultimate” Beetle, who was red and silver (and really, the most interesting thing about Beetle is his purple and green onesie) and a female Beetle that I think was his equally crazy daughter. Edit: my buddy Ric at Plastic Crack Addicts pointed out the female’s daughter is Tombstone. That is one less thing I know about her.

I never owned the Ultimate version and the female version was one I begrudgingly picked up for $5 because I wanted to complete the BAF. She is just an awful figure. No head articulation, no anything with the ankles, single jointed elbows and a set of hands reserved for a magic casting character. Finally, she wasn’t my Beetle like this guy. When I finger through the file that is my “I’ll die alone” Rolodex in my head, and come across Marvel Beetle, it’s this incarnation. Fortunately, my friend Mark saw him in the store and grabbed him for me.

As luck would have it, they did him justice. Much like the two pack Vulture I reviewed a while back, the pearlescent greens and purples make this figure really pop on your shelf. My girlfriend liked him because he’s “pretty.” Evil is never pretty, ne’er do wells!


I actually prefer him with his wings off and his little beetle wings closed up. Its just a preference thing I’m sure, but most of the memories I have of him are with his wings tucked in his back.


Fly, you fool!

He ticks off all of the boxes that one would have for a Beetle figure. Admittedly, there should only be a couple boxes to check. The only real complaint I have about him, and it could just be mine, but his left ankle has zero rockers. It has to be a mistake because the right has a decent amount of pivot to it. I tried hot water and it didn’t budge.


I am always reminded of the Japanese character, Masked Rider when looking at the design decisions between the two characters.

Masked Rider Black 90's Filipino Dubbed Japanese Tokusatsu IBC Retro Pilipinas Feature
Not Beetle.


Bottom line, do you need this figure? If you aren’t interested in Vulture’s wings, and you’re not really a Spider-Man or Iron Man fan, it’s probably a pass. If you are any of those things, or just want a really cool looking figure on your shelf, the answer is yes, you should pick him up. It may be prudent to wait until you see places mark him down if you are not in a rush. Myself, I think he looks really cool and I’m lucky I have the friends I have in this life.

As always, you can get him here:

What was your favorite/least favorite thing about him?

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