Marvel Legends Moon Knight review (600 Words or Less)

The two hardest figures to find from the Homecoming Wave seem to be the homemade suit Spidey and this guy, Moon Knight. I had given up hope on finding him but my buddy, Mark, pulled a fast one and hid him away for me at a local Target store. One quick jaunt down the road and boom, I own a Moon Knight.

He’s an interesting character. I will be completely honest, what I know from him comes from What If? Issue 34.

If you see this, anywhere, buy it. It really made me laugh when I was nine.

In it, Moon Knight had a panel I was too young to understand at the time.

What if page
This led me to discover he had Multiple Personality Disorder, or as we called it growing up, “he acts like mom.”

That’s it. That’s all I know. If you’re a Moon Knight fan, I apologize. However, this puts me in a unique position. I get to talk about a character I know very little about. That sounds like a challenge, and I’m just the kind of cackling 9 year old that will take on any comic related challenge.

Out of the box, he just looks cool. For a costume that is all black and white, they made it visually interesting. He has excellent articulation, with the biggest negative being that  his cape hinders head movement (up and down) and his shoulder pads hamper his arm raising parallel with the floor or higher.


That’s about as high up as you’ll get his arms without rotating his shoulders.

He comes with two sets of hands (one group of hands are set to “punchy” and the other group set to “grabby”).

I don’t know if it’s just mine, but there are a few sloppy paint app spots on my hands.


He has three tiny white crescent moon looking things that I imagine work the same as a Batarang. I could barely get his hands to hold one of the tiny ones (that’s what she said) let alone three of them. Including three may have been overkill.


He also has a much larger white crescent moon that he has no problem gripping. I don’t know if this one is thrown or punched with (the ends could puncture a person, I would imagine). His staff is much shorter than the original and comes in two pieces. If you’ve ever had a Legends Daredevil, you’re probably already familiar with this configuration.


Finally, he comes with the BAF piece for the MCU Vulture wings.

I have the Toy Biz Moon Knight (I think I bought him loose off of eBay for some reason) and frankly, I didn’t think I’d ever need or want another Moon Knight. The Toy Biz has its shortcomings, of course. The leg joints are floppy (but no where near as bad as the Toy Biz Dr. Strange’s foot) and the articulated fingers, while a genuine attempt to change the action figure landscape, really doesn’t do anything well. They can’t close up enough to make a fist and they can’t grip anything tight enough to hold it. As you see in the picture below, I often use the ground to hold his staff more so than his hands.


The bottom line, do you need him? No, not unless you’re a Moon Knight fan. Do you want him? Well, that depends. Do you like having cool looking action figures on your shelf? If you do, you should most definitely pick him up if you see him somewhere. As for me, he has retired my TB Moon Knight to the retirement tote. You can pick him up here:

Be warned, he is still going for above retail online. Your choice is either be patient and hope you see him in stores like my friend did, or buy him now before his prices go up even further.


Were you lucky enough to find him? If so, what did you think?

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