Marvel Legends Colossus Review (600 Words or Less)

Colossus, or Piotr Rasputin as the nerd community who desperately wants you to know they know Colossus’ real name calls him, has always been a favorite of mine. The dichotomy of the simple farmer constantly at war with a humanity that hates him always interested me. Being able to grow life with the same hands he could render steel made him stand out among his fellow X-Men. As a countless source of steel testicle jokes (and variations thereof), he was a constant muse for my friends and me.

When Kitty Pride was announced I was hoping we’d see a new Colossus. I have the Toy Biz one but time has not been kind to him. Both of his arms are glued in as they long since gave up the ghost. He was so floppy I took a lot of potshots at him with ED jokes. His paint was scratched everywhere. In short, he needed to be retired.

My friend and I were talking about action figures and I told him I still hadn’t come across Colossus in stores yet. Out of the blue, he bought him for me and bam, I had a Colossus. Pretty awesome. I have some really cool friends.

“Da, I must break you!”

Up front, I prefer the classic costume. So much so that I didn’t think I’d ever appreciate this figure as much as the orignal, but the Toy Biz. Had. To. Go. *z snaps fingers*


I prefer the new Colossus over the Toy Biz one, all things being equal.

I was wrong. I love this figure. Another surprise: I prefer the bearded head. Let your family know.


Minor gripe, his massive bicep really cuts back on the elbow articulation. Other than that, he’s a great figure. Mine had some paint defects, but nothing I can’t stand. However, everything else is on point. Great ankle pivot, head pivot, and genitalia pivot.

I made the last one up to see if you were paying attention. You were not. I know that because I barely pay attention to me.


Should you get this figure? Da. Reasons why you shouldn’t: You’re still angry about Apollo Creed’s death. Otherwise, yes. Oh, you get Warlock’s head and a hand that’s a circular saw or something. How bad ass is that?

You can still pick him up here:

What did you think of him? Did you pick him up?

Update: One sad, final note: As I was putting my Toy Biz Colossus in the retirement tote, one of his arms snapped off again. #RIP

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