In Retrospect: McFarlane Toys BT-7274 with Pilot Jack Cooper Deluxe Box

Titanfall 1 AND 2 are games I enjoy playing. Not to the extent I enjoy Destiny, but it is a fun distraction from time to time.

Being a collector, I usually try to have a plastic representative of things I enjoy on my shelf. This is where the McFarlane Toys BT comes in as a display piece. It isn’t a great quality piece, but it does what I want it to do (look decent) without breaking the bank. I think the next step up from this piece was in the $100 range. I don’t like the game THAT much. It also seems to be McFarlane’s niche market: People who kinda like something, but don’t want to spend THAT much on it.

The original solicitations showed the pilot, Jack Cooper, on the ground, standing. That won’t happen. The only articulation the pilot has is limited to some very basic head functions. The rest of his body is solid. Also, if your pilot’s head comes off, don’t panic, it pops back on.

Hopefully, this is your favorite pose for Jack Cooper. Otherwise, you are, as my parents used to say, SOL.

As for BT-7274 or “BT” for short, he feels solid for plastic. Limited articulation, but more than my Negan review and way more than the 10 inch Rick Grimes I have. There isn’t a lot to say about the display piece. He has decent paint apps, some light weathering and looks very close to the source material.


My biggest gripe about the figure is there is no real place to put his huge gun. The character in game attaches the gun to his back. While not needed, it would have been a nice touch.

Check out the size of my gun, ladies!

Over all, I can’t really say anything horrible about McFarlane’s take on BT. I had a need, they provided.


Over all, I say pick him up if you see him. You can still get him at the following places:

If you picked the pair up, what did you think?

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