Marvel Legends Warlock BAF Review (600 Words or Less)

This should be a fairly quick one, as my knowledge of the character is limited to a few appearances, with the only notable one being an alternate reality created by Kulan Gath (more on that later). As I said in my Cyclops review, I didn’t think I would get all the pieces for this guy. Mainly because two of the figures in the wave, I had zero interest in purchasing. Not to name names, but Polaris and Shatterstar simply didn’t interest me.


Before you get the pitchforks and torches, I know Shatterstar has a huge fan-base. If I am not mistaken, he was in X-Force with the Liefeld crew. I was following the core X-Men titles along with Wolverine’s monthly. Sure, every once in a while, I’d pick up an issue that was a cross over, like Messiah Complex or anything Age of Apocalypse related.


Fortunately for Warlock, I came across Polaris, Shattertar, and Sunfire for cheap in Toys R’ Us. That combined with a friend picking me up Colossus and another friend sounding the alarm klaxon that Cyclops was in stock at BBTS, all of a sudden I had a completed Warlock. It’s a unique mold that looks great in hand. He’s very tall, with a lack of double joints, and some hoses that, well, good luck getting them to stick in his back where they’re supposed to go.


However, this is not the type of figure you expect super awesome pose-ability out of; he just looks cool and is a great addition to your shelf. If you have the parts, build him. I’m no fan of the character and even I have to admit, he looks very nice.

If you try to keep those hoses in his back, you will go insane.


That alternate circular saw hand is amazingly detailed, as is the rest of his sculpt.



I mentioned Kulan Gath before. My introduction to him came from a crossover event that saw the ancient sorcerer rewriting time via comic book magic. He subjugated the X-Men, X-Force (including Warlock), even going so far as to capture Xavier and bend his giant mutant brain to his will.

The heroes left were fun-house versions of themselves you’d be hard-pressed to recognize.

During the story, one of my personal favorites, Spider-Man was tortured extensively. In one final heroic gesture, he broke free and told the heroes that Kulan’s power came from the amulet around his neck. A valiant effort wasted, as Gath had changed the language everyone spoke, save for Spider-Man. No one understood his words before he was murdered.


The whole thing wrapped up, of course, with the big bad’s defeat and everything returned to normal. Just another day of seeing your best friends die horribly and then pretending it never happened. It’s worth a read if you come across it.


As for Warlock, if you can, pick him up. If you’re not interested in the whole wave, you can try eBay. What did you think of him?

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