Marvel Legends Cyclops Review (600 Words or Less)

Cyclops was the last of the Warlock wave I needed, a wave I never thought I’d see completed. This particular incarnation is from the Jim Lee, 15 variant covers for issue 1 run in the early 90’s. At the time there were approximately 497 monthly X-Titles. It was a crazy time.


Prior to this, I’ve never had a Cyclops figure and as my mind tends to do, I wondered which uniform I would prefer. I’ve watched Scott bore people for decades, so I had a wide berth of looks to choose from in order to make my decision. First off, take every X-Factor uniform for every character, ever, off the table. Gross.

Then every sleeveless, long haired, 2 issue costume needs to go. Doesn’t leave us with a lot, does it?


My top three, his classic, Byrne era uniform which we now have in the Dark Phoenix two pack. I’ve yet to see it in a store around here. Then the Astonishing uniform (which is probably my favorite) and finally, this one, the Jim Lee version. It would have been great to have a bomber jacket for him, but not needed.


This figure is amazing and hateable at the same time.

Confused? Me too.

He has all the right articulation. Decent range of movement in the head area, double jointed elbows and knees as well as a decent ab crunch. Finally, he has some impressive ankle pivot.


We miss you, Glenn Webb


His paint apps look great, mine didn’t have any bad spots on him.

Now for the infuriating part, and if you have him, you know exactly what I am going to say. The various straps and holsters or whatever the things are called aren’t molded on. As a result, they fall constantly. I’m embarrassed FOR Cyclops. I imagine it would be similar to getting up to give a speech and your pants fell down, leaving your genitalia the star of a show it didn’t know it would be a part of and thus, had memorized no lines.

It’s a bad day to be a naked groin area if you’re a superhero. Probably for most of us.

He comes with no extra accessories, which is disappointing. I think if they made a snap on optic blast people would eat it up.

Finally, this figure leaves me wanting the entire Jim Lee Era team, with new sculpts for the figures we haven’t seen in a while. For instance, the Phoenix Jean Grey was an odd choice considering we got the Cyclops, Wolverine and Rouge from the Lee era. Same feeling on Colossus, even though I love the latest Piotr figure.  Where is our Storm, Gambit, Beast, Ororo and Psylocke for that matter?

Remember when Onslaught was the scariest thing in the Marvel Universe? Not because of what he did, but because he unleashed Rob Liefeld on the greater Marvel stable.
“Onward mutant soldiers… “

I know what you’re thinking, should I get this figure? Despite the falling belts, I like him. If you don’t have a Cyclops on your shelf, this is a fine place to start. If you need to finish off Warlock, get him. If falling belts trigger you, then you may want to pass on him.

You can get him at the usual places:

Personally, even though I like how he outmaneuvered Osborne in the Dark Avengers crossover, I’ve always found Scott more interesting when he’s been killed.



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