Man Date: The Podcast

Man Date Podcast

Hey, nothing to do with toys or action figures, but I wanted to turn you guys onto a new podcast. Steve used to drum with me, but more importantly, he’s one of my dear friends. Besides, he’s into the same stuff we are. There were plenty of times after band practice where we hung out down stairs and talked about my displays. He’s a nerd also, but a better,stronger, more alpha nerd.

I don’t know the other guy. He may be a dick. I don’t know. I mean, he’s probably cool too. Usually, dicks don’t hang out with non-dicks. Except for all of my friends that hang out with me.

Anyway, go listen to my friend Steve’s new podcast with a guy who is most likely NOT a dick. It’s a fun listen. If you enjoy it, share it around. Here is the latest episode as of this writing. Go check out Man Date!

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