Mezco Blade Review

Mezco Blade

I had forgotten I preordered the Mezco Blade figure. When I got the ship notice, I was like, “Cool.” I just wasn’t prepared for how cool he was going to be. Growing up, I didn’t read a lot of Blade comics. He was kind of in the same vein as the rest of the “Marvel Monsters” line up. You see kids, back in “the day” publishers took chances with niche characters and stories and as consumers, some of us took a chance on them. There was a Dracula comic, Devil Dinosaur, ghost stories, etc… and Blade wasn’t a “superhero.” Being a child, I was usually only allowed one comic a trip, and that comic was going to be a superhero vehicle or Star Wars.

Consequently, my first real exposure was the Wesley Snipes’ Blade movie. I probably watched that movie a dozen times the year it came out between theaters and renting it. Much like Reeve’s Superman or Keaton’s Batman, I believe Blade helped usher in the legitimacy of comic based movies. Fortunately, this figure seems to have borrowed heavily from the film adaptation of the character, and that’s ok with me.

What’s in the Mezco Blade Box?

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. We get a lot. 30 points of articulation on the Mezco Blade figure is welcomed, along with his other goodies. We get a wired black “leather” trench coat (Yes! Wired! Finally!).

Check out the details on this dude.

We get 6 silver spikes. I am assuming three in case you lose the three he carries in his convenient thigh harness.

The Mezco Blade comes with eight (8!!!!) interchangeable hands. One pair of fists, one pair of sword holding hands, one stake holding hand, one gun holding hand, and one pair of neutral hands.

We get four sets of sunglasses, a welcomed addition, as opposed to the two sets of glasses with the Tactical Bats figure, one of which I lost during the photoshoot.

We get two unique headsculpts, which can be displayed with or without his trademark sunglasses.

Mezco really put a lot of work into the Sword and the mechanism to attach it to his back. Take a look.

Also included is a sub-machine gun with 2 removable clips.

The shotgun has a working pump on it and a shoulder harness so he can wear it under his trench-coat, which is pretty bad assed.

While we’re on guns, it also comes with two distinct blast effects that can be used in either gun.

Finally, he has two folding throwing blades, not dissimilar to the “boomerang” type blades he used in the movie.

What doesn’t work with the Mezco Blade Figure?

I think there is a PX version (or maybe it’s an exclusive? I can’t keep up) with some chest armor. While I miss that, it isn’t needed. For a Blade fan that doesn’t go all in, I can’t imagine ever needing another Blade figure. I always want more ankle articulation. You can probably tell, I’m searching for things to not like. Oh yeah, his coat and shirt were a little frayed in some spots.

What works with the Mezco Blade Figure?

The Mezco Blade figure is an example of Mezco getting it very, VERY right. The amount of accessories, the leather trench, the muzzle blast effects, the glasses… it really almost makes you mad you get so little from other figures for the same price. This is just my opinion (duh) but this is the perfect Blade figure. Full stop.

Should you purchase the Blade Mezco?

I’m a bit of a fan, so “yes.” If you enjoy the Mezco line, human-vampire hybrids, badass slaying of the undead or just quality action figures, pick this guy up if you can swing it. In a line of high-quality figures, he is sitting near the top right now.

As always, here are some pics to wrap up!

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