Mafex Rey Plastic on Plastic Review

Mafex Rey Plastic on Plastic Review

Mafex is one of those companies, maybe more so than any other company, that I constantly find myself rooting for when a new figure comes out. They get so close to the mark but invariably, something causes a figure to go astray. I often imagine they have a William Shatner-esque gremlin on site who changes [...]

The Consumed

A bitterness sat heavy upon his chest. These days he seemed to breathe it and drink it in even as his very thoughts cascaded into an ever narrowing pit of quiet self-reflection. He had let them all down. He was destined to save everyone, and saved no one. What good was a hero who lacked [...]

One Electric Night

The Columbus summer had been a hot one, and in David’s Arena District apartment it was exceptionally sweltering. Even though night had fallen, the two east-facing windows did little to offer much in the way of relief. He could hear the thunder in the distance and had made a point earlier of stepping outside to [...]