Mafex Knightmare Batman Review (500 Words or Less)

As Cap already covered, Mafex tends to hit home runs when it comes to accessories. Yet this time, they outdid themselves with the Mafex Knightmare Batman. Not only did he come with some cool stuff for him (binoculars, pistol, assault rifle, several sets of hands) but he also came with accessories for OTHER figures. How cool is that?

The Mafex Knightmare Batman has a battle damaged helmet, alternate hands and kryptonite spear for the Mafex BvS Armored Batman (the spear is really easy to snap. Don’t ask). He has a decent Ben Affleck head sculpt that works with this figure AND the regular Mafex Batman. He has a Batman cowl with a handle on top for the Mafex Superman to grip (which looks silly by itself but makes a really cool scene when it’s in Superman’s hand) and additional sets of hands for your Mafex Superman to grip the cowl.

Mafex Knightmare Batman

It’s no lie, Mafex struggles with quality control. I think I mentioned that in the Rey review. However, I spent several hours with Knightmare Batman in my photo-booth and didn’t run into any issues. That was hours of me fondling him to my heart’s delight.

Man, something about that sentence was odd.

I’ll try it again.

That was hours of me touching him to my heart’s delight.

There. Better.

Look, I won’t apologize. I enjoy this line. Sure, Superman is kinda floppy, but if you could only get one set of figures from that movie, and you can’t find or afford (or don’t want) the Mezcos, I would have no issues recommending the Mafex versions.

I know a lot of you hated the movie. You have to stop telling other people. We need you to understand that we know you hated it. I’m not afraid to say I enjoyed it. Just not loudly. I don’t want to get alpha nerded and have mother tell me what a disappointment I am again.

Should you get the Mafex Knightmare Batman?

Opinions on the DCEU aside, this is a great figure. Now the big question. Pass or buy? If you already have the other figures in the line, this one is a no brainer. In terms of quality, think more Batman, Armored Batman; less Superman. If this was your favorite scene in the movie, buy it. However, if you don’t have the cheese, or don’t want to spend your dough on a 3 minute sequence in the movie, its an easy pass. If you’re ok with the Multiverse version of the figure, while I question your judgement, it is also an easy pass.

However, I stand by my statement, get this figure if you see it. You’ll be happy you did. You can get him here:


What did you think of the Mafex Knightmare Batman? What do you think of the BvS Mafex line? Comment and share, share, share away! Enjoy the photos!

Mafex Knightmare Batman

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