My Take Aways from SDCC 2017

I am writing this in a hotel room on an iPad during some family downtime, so hopefully it will come out ok. There were tons of great figures revealed this year, but as I said in my about page, I have very specific interests due, in no small part, to financial obligations and just outright display room. That means that there are some really cool looking NECA figures I’ll need to pass over (although if I see the Robocop vs. Terminator figures, I’m gettin’ it). Like wise, most likely any of the Hot Toys reveals are off the table. I had several preordered last year and ended up dumping them because the cash flow just wasn’t there to spend. I ended up with the Superman and Batman from the DoJ special edition but that was it.

Below are some pics of figures I plan on picking up with any thoughts I may have about them. I did not take any of the pics so all credit goes to the photographers at Toyark, Fwoosh and Marvelous News along with any other pictures that did not have watermarks. Also, thanks to my buddy Ric who shared a lot of these in his Facebook group, Plastic Crack Addicts.

I already preordered the Tech Suit Spider-Man but not the homemade version. Likewise, I always swear I’m done buying Figuarts Iron Men and then they release a new one and I think, “ok that’s cool.” The Ultimate Iron Man color scheme makes it really stand out from his other cinematic armors thus far.
On the fence with this one. I have the Spider-Man and Venom on order. I already own the Deadpool and despite its difficulty nailing a neutral pose, it excels in almost all other positions. I skipped Spider Gwen but PO’d Wolverine. Carnage interests me and this guy does as well. I don’t have a Magneto figure and this could fit the bill nicely. I’ll need to see other pics before I make a decision.
I don’t need another comic Daredevil as the Mezco checks all the boxes. Same with Iron Fist. But that Jessica Jones and Luke Cage though…
Didn’t think I’d need a different Namor than the recent Walgreens exclusive but this is the Namor I grew up with…

A VERY welcomed replacement for an old Toy Biz version I have that is pretty horrible (I think it’s part of a Spider-Man line, the same one my horrible Iron Spider is from).
This Cable will probably send the Juggy Cable to the retirement tote.
This looks good but I don’t care about Strong Guy and I’m not sure I need another Deadpool, but this looks great.

Do not have a Black Bolt. This will do nicely.

Looks a lot like the DoJ Bats I already have and it’s pretty great. Not sure I’ll need another.
Another one I’m on the fence about. He looks fierce but if they wanted to do a Capullo Joker then they should have done it.
Although it’s not really been reflected on this page yet, The Flash is one of my top two favorite comic characters.

Not a big fan of McFarlane Toys recently but I love this series.
I don’t get a lot of Black Series because of the wonky human sculpts but c’mon. It Rex!

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