New Website Host

On Friday, I switched hosts to Hostgator.

It was a needed switch. Much like I’ve experienced in the past, I found the free site to be too limiting in terms of plugins or incorporating some social media sites. Normally I wouldn’t even mention it to you (the back end business side of this), but since it has been several days and it still hasn’t resolved yet, I just wanted you guys to know I am aware of the security warning people are receiving now.

My guess is that even though the whois reflects my new DNS servers, the internet still thinks the name servers should be pointing to the WordPress ones, which makes it label this site now as “potentially malicious.”

I assure you, there is no malicious anything here. However, until I get it resolved, I’ve been holding off on promoting the site. I just don’t want new visitors coming and getting that error message.

In today’s day and age, we should all take cyber-security seriously. Thank you for your patience, and to the people who visit regularly, thank you!

Now, I have to get back to writing words.

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