Mezco Red Skull Review (1000 Words or Less)

The bread and butter of my collection are Marvel Legends. I have a Red Skull that came in the two pack face off set from Toy Biz, and I have an Iron Skull from the Abomination Wave. I don’t love the Red Skull enough to want a bunch of plastic representations. I just need one good one. Neither of those qualify.

This Mezco absolutely fits the bill. Of course he won’t end up on a Legends shelf, the same way the Mezco Daredevil didn’t. I bought him as well, thinking “I only really need one DD, I’m not a huge fan and hey this one is SORTA like the Netflix uniform.”

Of course he was too nice to put on the shelf shared with commoners. The Red Skull certainly would not tolerate being placed with inferior figures.

What’s in the box:

A few sets of hands. This one is odd because they give you two fists (left and right), a Cosmic Cube holding hand (because he comes with a cosmic cube), and what appear to be two gun holding left hands. Its odd because the two gun hands only differ slightly. Maybe someone can fill me in on the point? Ideally, I’d prefer to have a left cosmic cube hand in addition, as well as a right gun holding hand and perhaps a set of neutral hands. We didn’t get them, but the hands supplied are plenty to get decent poses out of him. Besides, the Skull isn’t really known for his neutrality on subjects. He seems to be an “all in” kinda guy, whether its punching Steve Rogers or being a Nazi, the guy loves his work. He has two heads, the second invoking a more Kirby-esque look. His weapon of choice is his Walther P38 (wasn’t that what Megatron was?) (side note: My buddy Ric over at Plastic Crack Addicts informed me that the gun is actually a Luger P08… I had the 8 right) and he has what is now the standard Mezco display base and posing arm.


Yes, two gun hands that pretty much, as far as I can tell, do exactly the same thing.


This is one of two Red Skulls Mezco released. The other one was a much harder to get con exclusive in his classic green onsie. I’m not a huge fan of that look, but I wish I had the flame thrower. Regardless, this look on the Skull is my favorite look. The exceptionally well done black leather coat is adorned with immaculate detail. The red Hydra arm patch is a striking image against the all black jacket. If you’re wondering, the jacket does come off, revealing a slick looking black outfit underneath.

What doesn’t work:

There isn’t a whole lot. The jacket does interfere with some of the articulation scheme, but not enough to warrant me being upset. Most of the Mezcos are hampered in some fashion by their wardrobe. It’s just something I’ve learned to live with when displaying them. Besides, even though the Red Skull is Cap’s equal in every physical way, I don’t ever picture him as a fighter. I’m sure he throws hands, but he probably doesn’t do a lot of crane kicks. I wish they had put some wire along the bottom of his coat for posing purposes. I can still get it to do what I want, but it’d be easier with a wire (like Green Arrow’s hood).


He’s got feet below his knees…




What works:

Everything else. The detail on the weapon is fantastic. Both face sculpts are winners and despite the lack of hand options, the ones you do get do everything you want them to do.


cosmic cube
Fun with laser pointers!


This is another welcome Mezco in my collection. This figure has presence. He demands your attention. Heck, he even ordered me to give him an all favorable review, but I don’t like Nazis. He is worth having, especially if you can nab him for retail.

You can still pick him up here:



The Skull… Triumphant!
Probably my favorite picture from the shoot.

What do you guys think? Are you picking him up?

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  1. Great review and beautiful photos! I can’t wait to get this guy. The level of detail just looks unreal.

    Oh and I think the gun holding hands are a mistake – the Mezco site says he should have one left and one right.

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