Mezco Deadpool Review (1000 Words or Less)

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m not a huge Deadpool fan. I don’t dislike him. I just never followed any of his titles and honestly, Ambush Bug had been breaking the 4th wall for almost a decade before Deadpool made it his schtick. I am one of the many that loved the movie and as a result of that, I had two more Deadpool figures than I ever thought I would. The Juggernaut wave Deadpool from Hasbro and the Revoltech Amazing Yamaguchi Deadpool. More than enough for a casual Deadpool fan like myself.

Then something amazing happened this Christmas.

No, not that amazing.

I had placed the Mezco Deadpool on my Amazon wishlist. I had seen the price going down on Commander Rogers and I noticed a similar trend with the red-suited Deadpool (I have zero interest in the green and grey Deadpool). I don’t know if I’ll ever get the Rogers but I figured if the price came down enough I’d pick up Deadpool. Then I promptly forgot I had placed him on the list. Fortunately, my girlfriend looked at my Amazon list and for Christmas picked me up the Mezco Deadpool.

It went from a figure I was on the fence about, to being a figure I couldn’t put down for several days. He isn’t perfect but what figure is?

What’s in the box?

We get two Deadpool heads. One is fairly straightforward, the other is a bit more expressive. I have heard people voice concerns over it, but I like the sculpting on both heads.


He has three sets of hands, two fists, two weapon holding, one open gripping hand and what I call a Hawaiian “hang loose” gesture. He probably does it in the comics, but it isn’t a hand gesture I associate with him. Still, it’s nice to have more posing options. I guess it could also be the universally understood gesture for “call me” as well. Both my Figuarts and Mafex Spider-Man came with the same gestures and if he made that hand gesture in the movie, it had to be pretty insignificant as I don’t remember it. In addition to his hands, you also get two very well crafted handguns (adorned with his logo) that fit in the holsters on his side, two katanas that fit in the sheaths on his back and what looks like an assault rifle with a grenade/smoke bomb launcher under the barrel. In addition, he has 6 grenades for his launcher that attach to his uniform and three Deadpool logo’d hand grenades. For the gun enthusiasts, my friend Ric gave me the proper name for the weapons:M4 Carbine with M203 grenade launcher. The pistols are Glocks and it might be a G19 or G23, which are pretty much the same gun, they just use different caliber rounds.”  Now you know! Let’s take a look at everything…


The details on Mezco’s weapons always astounds me.


These launchable grenades fit in the holsters on his shoulders. Or alternatively, they fit nicely under your hot water tank but are commensurately harder to retrieve.
I didn’t realize until the shoot was almost over that I had the left sword in backward, which is why it’s ill-fitted. When put in properly, it is as flush as the right one.
There are holster thumb latches here. They are a pain to button. One of mine managed to tear off between the time I opened him and the time I realized they were a thing.
No big deal, just his package. God delivered it, Wade signed for it.


Also in the box is the standard Mezco base and extending display arm. I think the bases are worth displaying, but not as stands. I hate the arms. Regardless, the bases are very nice looking, usually colored in the heroes color set with their logo. They look great. But none of my figures actually have feet that seem to hold the pegs in the bases. It’s like I can set the hole over the peg, but it never sinks in to grab the figure. Additionally, when display space is at a premium, the bases are just too big to display.

Because of his suspender/belt set up, the claw doesn’t have a great place to grab him.


What doesn’t work?

I hate to keep harping on this, but seriously, Mezco. Pick up almost any Marvel Legend made in the last decade. Check out their feet. That’s all I’m saying. Just give them a look. Then explain to us how we are paying significantly more for these figures but we can’t get the feet to move? Very limited up and down or side to side movement.

The outfit, like all of the Mezco line, impedes the articulation it does have, but I have just accepted that if we want this level of detail and quality, we have to sacrifice something. Still, Mezco, it’s hard to nail action poses when your figures have to stand on the side of their feet.

They made the belt and holsters two separate pieces. I am sure they had a reason for it. Yet the end result is if one of the holster to belt buttons become unbuttoned, you have a holster that is constantly falling down his leg (like Cyclop’s thigh belts). It takes tweezers, a light source and a lot of patience to get it back into the hole. The whole evening long frustrating experience could have been easily avoided with a different design decision. Still, I don’t know what they were up against, all I know is that its frustrating for the customer.

The turtleneck doesn’t bother me but it did a lot of people. It’s again, one of those things I accept will probably happen with fabric at this scale. In general, I am not a “Mez-Flair” hater like some folks. I could easily be, but everytime something like that annoys me, I think back to the character representations I had of my favorite heroes as a kid and I instantly become more appreciative.

I’d have like to have seen another head, as I feel like we are getting less and less bang for our buck. I was hoping for more weapons since he’s a mercenary (with a mouth… feel free to use that… TM pending). Similar to the Punisher. Which was MSRP’d at the same price with twice the weapons and three heads.

What works?

The detail on the costume is phenomenal. From the faux leather to the scuffed up boots, he looks great. It’s all the quality I’d expect from a Mezco. He looks good on the shelf and is probably a more realistic version of the character than the Revoltech. With the three versions Mezco has available for Dreadpool, this one is by far my favorite.

Should you get it?

If you’re a fan of the character, if you like fun toys that photograph well, or if you already love the Mezco line, I’d say get him. I know it seems like there were a lot of negatives, but that’s just me being hyper-picky for the purposes of writing a review. Almost none of the things I mentioned (sans the holster thing…) really annoy me for anything longer than a second or two. He ended up being my favorite Christmas present this year and it was nice, if even in a micro-fraction of a moment, to recapture that Christmas morning magic I used to experience as a child.


I love that I could use this effect on Deadpool also, but why don’t more gun carrying figures come with this effect?

Finally, some pics for scale:

I despise that right-hand pinky on the Hasbro with a passion hot enough to ignite the stars.


What did you think of Mezco’s Deadpool offering? Let me know below!

Let’s close this out with some shots of me and Deadpool enjoying Christmas like the two new best buds we are…


Lots of cool stuff coming up so check back soon!

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