CQ Studio Custom Red Skull Head

It’s rare that a search on the ol‘ google machine turns up bupkiss, but such is the case with CQ Studio. I don’t know anything about their business other than they seem to sculpt/print 1:12 head sculpts and then other parties sell them. In this instance, I picked up an excellent addition to my Mezco Red Skull figure when I picked up this alternative head sculpt from VCTOYSBOX.

There isn’t much to say about the CQ Studio Custom Red Skull head other than it “fits” on the neck peg, and it looks really nice. I will say mine had some iffy paint apps on it, particularly around the Hydra logo on the hat. In this instance, I’ll let the pictures speak for the piece.

As you can see, he is being displayed in my “fancy” display case.

Quick wrap up: If you get a chance to pick up the CQ Studio Custom Red Skull sculpt, you absolutely should. It’s a solid piece that gives you more display options, and that’s always good, yes?

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