Rest In Peace, Adam West

I just found out about the passing of a childhood hero. Today, Mr. Adam West left this mortal coil at 88 years of age.

It’s true that Michael Keaton redefined what Batman was, but for a lot of us alive at this point,  Adam West was our first Batman.

In many ways West’s Batman was the antithesis of everything we consider to be Batman today. He wasn’t morose or dark. Instead, it was all tongue in cheek with a large amount of camp tossed in with it.

His Bruce Wayne was as suave and debonair as Roger Moore’s Bond. Because of the time, as far as I knew, they were both out on screen at the same time and both larger than life.

It’s been a bad year for my childhood heros and we are only half way through 2017.

There isn’t a lot I can say except thank you for what you meant to me (and honestly? Who doesn’t love Mayor West?). Rest In Peace, sir. Your legend is secure. 

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