Mafex Rey Plastic on Plastic Review

Mafex Rey

Welcome to our first Plastic on Plastic Review!

The new Mafex Rey figure is here and the star of our first ever Plastic on Plastic Review. Mafex is one of those companies, maybe more so than any other company, that I constantly find myself rooting for when a new figure comes out. They get so close to the mark but invariably, something causes a figure to go astray. I often imagine they have a William Shatner-esque gremlin on site who changes really small things that cause major mishaps. Mafex Rey

You can tell they want so much to please us… their figures come packed with accessories. The Mafex Rey was no exception. She comes loaded with cool little gadgets that show a genuine affection for the character. Their face printing technology, while not on par with Figuarts, is getting better. That being said, even the best Figuarts face scan, when looked through a decent DSLR camera, looks like an approximation of a human face.

As I was doing the photo shoot for this review, it became apparent that she has three major flaws. Her hands almost fall off of her; they are so easy to get on and off. This begs the question, why do most figures fall into one of two categories? Either the hands are so hard to swap out that you’re afraid you’ll break the pegs, or they’re so loose you’re afraid you’ll lose them drunk walking them from the basement to the living room. Her arms seem very long compared to any reference pics I saw.

However, the most damaging/annoying flaw on the Mafex Rey is her left arm, at the mid-bicep point of articulation. It simply falls off. Put something in her hand? It falls off. Re-position her arm? It falls off. Have her high-fiving a Figuarts Han? Embarrassingly, it falls off. Silly Nerf Herder.

Regardless, when your only other option is the Black Series, she makes a fine looking display piece.

That’s my quick review of the Mafex Rey, but really, I gave this review to my other figures, and Mezco Cap stepped up to the plate. The problem with letting a cranky octogenarian that doesn’t understand he’s an action figure do a review is that his opinions seem to be… polarizing.

Sit back, and watch Mezco Cap snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in our first ever, Plastic on Plastic Review for the Mafex Rey (click here for other ones)!