Mei Kai Studios Black Adam Custom Headsculpt

Mei Kai Studios Black Adam

A few weeks ago I received my Mei Kai Studios Black Adam Custom Headsculpt. Like all of the work I’ve seen come out of Mei Kai Studios, this one is fantastic. You may remember the custom Superman sculpt I placed on my classic Mezco Superman.

If you’ve never purchased anything from the incredibly talented Tony Mei, it can be daunting. You don’t really go to a website or “store.” Instead, he has a text document that he updates with product and availability. You tell the man what you want off of his list, and while supplies last, he sculpts it. The head is unpainted with an empty cavity inside that you’ll need to fill with sculpting putty or something else if you want them to sit on your figures head.

If you can do a decent job at painting action figures, you’re done with the business end of the transaction. If you’re like me, and can’t color inside the lines on anything, you’ll want a master to assist. Tony sends the unpainted heads out to be painted if you can’t do it yourself, and his go-to guy is Rick Jasso. The only contact I have for Rick is his personal Facebook page, so I don’t want to put that on blast without his permission. That doesn’t take away from how great his work is on the finished pieces. Let’s take a look.

Mei Kai Studios Black Adam Custom Headsculpt vs the Mezco Sculpt

Enter the Mei Kai Studios Black Adam. I reviewed Black Adam a while ago. I didn’t think his face was horrible, but it was just one decent, but bland looking head. Not today, Satan.

Mei Kai Studios Black Adam Conclusion

At the end of the day, the Mei Kai Studios Black Adam custom head sculpt and these kinds of purchases, in general, are all superfluous and not needed to enjoy the Black Adam figure. However, I like my displays to have personality, and man does this Tony Mei sculpt have personality. I am thrilled to own one. Please contact Mei Kai studios if you are even slightly interested. Also of note, I don’t make a dime one way or another. I just like to let you guys know about products I’ve tried and had success.

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