Mezco Tactical Suit Batman Review

Mezco Tactical Suit Batman

The Mezco Tactical Suit Batman is proof to me that ol‘ Mez has got a handle on Batman. The BvS Batman is great, and as mentioned in my Ascending Knight review, they knocked that out of the park as well. It only makes sense that the Mezco Tactical Suit Batman is cut from the same proverbial cloth.

The figure dropped a week or so ago, from the Justice League movie that may or may not have lived up to everyone’s expectations. I touched on that during the Figuarts Bat-Fleck review. I have to state again, I am not reviewing the Justice League movie, but rather this figure.

And man, is it a humdinger. Let’s dig in.

What’s in the Mezco Tactical Suit Batman box?

We get the figure itself, two head sculpts, two bat grenades, two sets of bat lenses, a grappling gun with different attachments, a Parademon rifle, three sets of hands and two other hands that are for rifle holding (more on that later), his standard Mezco stand and posing arm, and finally, another set of these abominations:

Are you ready for picture time? I LOVE picture time!

What doesn’t work with the Mezco Tactical Suit Batman?

The Mezco Tactical Suit Batman is pure hand candy, but it is not without it’s faults. For starters, I still hate the cape system.

Everyone else: “Hey, we want you to be able to pose the cape also, so here’s a wired cape.”

Mezco: “Hey, here are some clips that look horrible, are complicated to set up and will eventually rub a hole through the fabric of the cape.”

Instead of putting the bat lenses on the cowl on a permanent, articulated basis, you can remove them from the Mezco Tactical Suit Batman. Which is fantastic because it made it super easy to lose one while I was doing my photo shoot. The more you clip them on and off, the more the pegs that attach them seem to wear out. In other words, don’t do what I did. Every time I swapped out the heads, I put the lenses back in their little plastic holder, ironically enough, so I wouldn’t lose them.

All I really did was make it so they wouldn’t stay on. I think they are somewhere in my Batmobile, but I literally turned that thing upside down with no luck. I am now down to one set of lenses to swap between the two heads.

At least one of the grappling hook attachments does not fit into the barrel of the Mezco Tactical Suit Batman grappling gun. That’s odd because one would expect the best place to use a grappling hook would be in your grappling gun.

Additionally, I am not quite sure how he is supposed to hold the Parademon rifle. He has a trigger hand (not a set, mind you), but they don’t seem to line up at all with what I assume is the “trigger” on the rifle. The grip hands don’t grip it. I appreciate both the detail on the rifle and the fact that they included it in the first place, but having a rifle you can’t hold is like knowing a hooker who won’t accept your cash.

Brother, I’ve been there.

Mezco Tactical Suit Batman
He really has a hard time holding this.

Lastly, and this is nitpicky, but why no real Affleck unmasked head sculpt? I’ve already ordered a 1:12 head for him that I assume is a rescultping of a Hot Toy and sized down, but why do I need to do that? The truth is, there was never any indication we would get one, and I still purchased it, so this can’t be a legitimate negative but rather a genuine inquiry. We’re paying top dollar for these figures, please give us unmasked headsculpts!

What works with the
Mezco Tactical Suit Batman?

Would it be lazy of me to say “everything else”? No, ok, fine.

Even though the Mezco Tactical Suit Batman is covered in Bat “armor,” he still has as much uninhibited articulation as other non-armored figures (I wish I could have said the same for Deathstroke).

Mezco Tactical Suit Batman

Like their other Batman figures I own, the accessories do not disappoint. While it isn’t unmasked, the Affleck jawline looks nice here. To me the Tactical Suit is reminiscent of the Arkham Asylum games, and to me, that’s a solid plus.

Mezco Tactical Suit Batman
Be really careful with these lenses.

Should you pick up the Mezco Tactical Suit Batman?

The Mezco Tactical Suit Batman is an outstanding figure. It looks great in hand, with enough accessories to satisfy your display/photography needs. If you have the disposable income and come across one, I would grab it. The bad news is, I don’t think this figure is going to get cheaper. I expect aftermarket prices to climb quickly, so if you want it, I’d suggest you move now. You can still get him here:


As always, let’s wrap up with some more pictures!

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