The Rhino Dioramas Bat Computer Review

Rhino Dioramas Bat Computer

The Rhino Dioramas Bat Computer was a complete surprise to me. Kind of a “right place, right time” thing. I saw the gent that runs the page (check them out here) post pictures of it on one of the dozen or so action figure pages I follow on Facebook.

I suppose you could say, as is, it’s a one trick pony. If you have a Batman display that needs some life breathed into it, this is perfect. However, if you drop this bad boy into Photoshop, you can pretty much put whatever you want on the screens. For my needs, it’s perfect. It photographs well, and thanks to the battery-powered lights, it adds a touch of realism to whatever scene you are trying to paint. Additionally, it ships with some tiny, 1:12 scaled maps and so forth, to add more authenticity into your picture.

It’s one solid piece of plastic, well crafted, painted and designed all with their market in mind. High end collectible guys like me, and if you’re reading this, maybe you also.

This is the first item I’ve ever purchased from them (that I am aware of) but it won’t be my last. Rhino Dioramas is taking pre-orders now for a Batchamber, armory, light table, and weapon crate, all Bat specific. I’m really looking forward to those dropping around March or April.

The purchase was a super easy process, with regular updates and tracking numbers once shipped. It’s a quality operation that is seemingly ran by a righteous dude. What else could you want?

Here are a few pictures I took, I hope you enjoy them.

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