Mezco Darkseid Review

Mezco Darkseid

Who is the figure I have been waiting for the most? What is the figure that just arrived last week? What figure is our will, our way, our all?

Darskeid is.

The Mezco Darkseid figure is here. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see it, but he was definitely at the top of my most anticipated figure list. I have read many Darkseid stories that I count among my favorites. Near the top of the list was one of the old JLA/JSA team-ups from 1980. Apparently, I’m not the only one, because when I was trying to find the issue (183-185) culled from a memory in a comic I read 30 years ago (the last time), I discovered this fine gent with great taste had it listed as his top pick for JLA/JSA Crossovers.

However, my all-time favorite Darkseid story technically never happened, back in Grant Morrison’s Rock of Ages. Honestly, his entire JLA run is gold.

That’s some hardcore nerding, isn’t it? Never doubt my dedication to getting punched in the face by football players when I was a teen.

What’s in the Mezco Darkseid box?

We get Mezco Darkseid.

We get a set of fists, a set of open hands, and a hand for holding his Boom Tube.

Boom Tube? Yes, he has a magnetic Boom Tube that can attach to his belt.

He has a stoic face, an evil grin face, a battle damage face, and a show-stopping Omega Beam effect head.

We get the standard Mezco base and posing arm.

Finally, we get a pretty bitchin’ cape with heavy metal shoulder pads. Like Twisted Sister.

Here are some more pics!

What doesn’t work with the Mezco Darkseid?

Look, I don’t know what your expectations for a Mezco Darkseid figure are, but if they involve hot box yoga or acrobatics, you may want to give this Darkseid a pass.

For my tastes, I wanted a bruiser that could go toe-to-toe with a Kryptonian. I think I got that, with my only real articulation complaint being his elbows. It’s pretty much a single joint, as his biceps get in the way. I think you need a good double jointed elbow for a guy that has no problem physically throwing down when he needs to do so.

I feel like there isn’t a lot you can do when posing with the cape.

Finally, the Mother Box is fairly easy to knock off of his belt if you’re posing him around.

What works with the Mezco Darkseid?

This figure is massive, solid, and reeks of authority. The light up feature is very bright and just awesome to look at, especially if you hit your comic stride when the Super Powers figures, comics and cartoon were in production. He has a solid base and has no problems staying upright in almost any pose, even if he’s holding another figure. While his pack-in’s are by no means overwhelming, it’s about all I could expect with a Mezco Darkseid figure. All of his face sculpts are superb and easy to swap out.

Should you hunt down the Mezco Darkseid?

I’m fairly transparent, so by now you should know, I love this figure. If you can find it at a price you can swing, and you love DC Comics like I do, you need this Darkseid. Here are some places to start:

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