Marvel Legends Sauron Review

Marvel Legends Sauron

It was no surprise to see the Marvel Legends Sauron grabbing all the top honors for the year. This Build a Figure was the cumulative reward for collecting all of the most recent Deadpool wave. I ended up getting the whole wave for Christmas.

It was an odd wave for me. I wanted the Bishop, Omega Red, and Wolverine figures, but really didn’t have a lot of desire for the Deadpool figures. The Marvel Legends Sauron figure is worth it though.

What’s in the Marvel Legends Sauron box?

Silly. You don’t get a box. You get a piece with each figure of the wave.

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Sauron?

Look, he is huge. If you’re like me, your shelf space is at a premium. His wingspan is a great way to burn up that space. Buuuut if he was smaller, he just wouldn’t have worked. In this instance, I chose to be a half FULL commode.

What works with the Marvel Legends Sauron?

The paint apps are amazing. The articulation scheme is exactly what he needed. I’ve always been a fan of Sauron, so to own a figure this epic is a great feeling.

My favorite take on Sauron is from Peter Parker in the first arc of the New Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis:

“He can suck energy or – or suck out your powers or something. Something with sucking. And when he overdoes it, he turns into the giant green ol‘ Jurassic park thing.

Like a dinosaur.

A vampire dinosaur.

Vampire OR dinosaur wold have been enough.

But this guy is both, which really, is just showing off.”

Should you assemble the Marvel Legends Sauron?

Only if you like cool stuff. He will be pricey, as you need all the figures in the wave, unless you buy him complete somewhere. You can start your search here:

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