Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris Review

Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris

Welcome back to a quick review of the Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris. Aimed at our busy work days, lack of attention span and infinite dilly-dallying to make the work day go by faster. Also, something I should have mentioned earlier: Yes, I am aware that these are now “older” figures. However, I just got Polaris and well, sometimes I don’t get figures when they are brand new. Why? Well, figures aren’t free and I am lazy. So, as we tell the kids, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”

I am reviewing these two together, because they are Marvel’s premier go-to romantic couple, right behind:

  • Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson
  • Reed and Sue Richards
  • Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter and Peggy Carter
  • T’challa and Ororo
  • Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters
  • Norrin Radd and Shalla-Bal
  • Molecule Man and Volcana
  • Falcon and Redwing
  • Tony Stark and alcohol
  • Tony Stark and syphilis
  • Bruce Banner and Betty Ross
  • Scott Summers and Jean Grey and Emma Frost
  • The Red Ghost and his primates
  • Thor and Jane Foster
  • Black Bolt and Medusa
  • Wolverine and Jean Grey’s picture
  • Dr. Strange and Wong
  • Magneto’s awkward courtship of Janet Van Dyne (he made her a comb… awwww)

Anyway, I guess you see my point. The reason WHY I am just getting Polaris is that I swear in almost every Legends wave, there are figures I have zero intention of buying, and then I see them somewhere for half off (or more) and I feel like “wow, I should build that BAF.”Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris

A little history on Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris

Polaris is the illegitimate daughter of Magneto. Havoc is the Summers brother that makes Scott look incredibly interesting. I know they’ve had decent arcs and those arcs may have made these characters a “must have” for you, and I respect that desire.

Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris

What’s in the boxes of the Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris?

Both figures have solid sculpts and paint apps. They both have those circular effects pieces that I thought were super cool a year or so ago and now I just kinda think, “Oh, those again.” Still, its better than nothing.

Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris

Neither figure has additional accessories. Articulation is great on Alex “Havoc” Summers, Polaris has the standard Legends female buck. It’s a solid buck but the lack of double jointed elbows hurts them.

Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris

Should you buy either of the Marvel Legends Havok and Polaris figures?

Why would you buy these?

  1. They’re your favorite characters
  2. You need to build the BAFs right now

I will admit, I overpaid for Havoc. In Central Ohio, we almost never see new waves until the rest of the country are marking them down. When a vendor had them at the Mid Ohio Comic Con last year, I bought the whole wave. For the Warlock BAF, I am still looking for Cyclops and Colossus. It’s my opinion that unless you meet one of those two criteria, you can easily hold off on picking these up until you see them at a reduced price.

I know Amazon still has them, so you can grab them here (for less than retail):


If you have them, what do you think of them?

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