Breaking News: Marvel Knights Wave In Hand Pics!

Marvelous News broke the story last night, so when I woke up to see the news, I was pretty jazzed. For those of you who haven’t seen them yet, here are some great shots!

These are all, of course, Marvel Legends standard 1:12 scale (where six inches is six feet. You can totally tell a dude did that math). First off, Blade!

It’s not Wesley Snipes, but its a great looking figure. I needed a Blade. Maybe he can kill that dumb Morbius I had to buy for Absorbing man.

Elektra was only slightly annoying to me in season two of the Netflix Daredevil, but eventually I grew to accept the character for who she was as opposed to someone interesting.

The two heads are nice and even if you don’t like the character, I am guessing a lot of customizers will get some use out of this figure.

Little known fact about me: I have Bullseye’s first appearance in Daredevil 131, released in 1976. Here’s the cover:

It’s important to note, my cover is completely in tatters. I was 12 when a nice lady at a comic shop gave me a box of old comics to take to school for the kids to cut up. The goal was for them to make art projects. I did not bring that box anywhere but to my basement.

I don’t have a Bullseye figure and this one looks amazing!


Of note, his masked face and that left hand pointer option will be able to capture this picture perfectly:


Next up, Jessica Jones. Prior to the Netflix series, my knowledge of her was what I read during Luke Cage’s time in the Avengers. Regardless, I grew to like her character there and more so in the Netflix series.

I REALLY hope that face sculpt is what is shipped to the rest of us plebes.

Now for the figures most people will be picking up for sure… Netflix Punisher!

The face seems a little off, but still looks good. We’ve kind of become spoiled with that kind of stuff. But that isn’t really a topic to get into with a sentence on a picture.

The last standard figure in the wave is the one I am shocked it took everyone two years to get. The Netflix Daredevil.

I actually think they nailed this, for a mass produced Hasbro Legend.

Finally, the BAF of the series, Man-Thing. The figure you didn’t know you wanted, and still may not know.

“Whatever knows fear burns at the ManThing’s touch!

What do you think? Will you be picking them up?

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