Marvel Legends Iron Fist Review

Marvel Legends Iron Fist

When we started seeing solicits of the Dr. Strange wave begin to circulate the net, it was hard to contain my underwhelmed sense of entitlement (I did end up getting the wave and building the BAF). I was interested in the MCU Strange and astral projection version of the same figure (which were Christmas gifts from my lovely girlfriend) and this Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure. However, not so interested I was going to pay full price for him. I came across him on sale at Toys r Us and pulled the trigger.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist

First impressions of the Marvel Legends Iron Fist?

I like this buck on the Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure for a lot of reasons (I believe it is Pizza Spidey’s) with only a few drawbacks. It speaks well to Rand’s more streamlined fighting style. I didn’t mind the white costume a few waves back, especially the extra hands, but all in all, the white uniform isn’t Iron Fist to me.

The green is who I remember as a kid and its who I want him to be. Is it a practical costume? Probably not, but I think the Netflix Luke Cage series did a good job of showing us how ridiculous some classic costumes look in the real world of the MCU.

It was one of the few times in my life where I simultaneously had the thoughts “Oh no way! So cool” and “Dear Lord, that is ridiculous.” The only way to describe that feeling was like passing gas and accidentally urinating on your mother in law. It was a lifetime ago and I’m not proud of it, but there you go.

Marvel Legends Iron Fist

Marvel Legends Iron Fist

Danny comes with two fireball effect pieces for his hand when Iron Fisting. That was a hot sentence.

He also has an alternate set of hands to go with his translucent set and I actually prefer those. They are bandaged up and look like they would hurt if you got popped in the face with them. I have to admit, I miss that deep V and fantastic yellow collar. Still, I think it’s a snazzy looking figure.Marvel Legends Iron Fist

Marvel Legends Iron Fist

My biggest gripe with this buck is the hip articulation. When you have nimble characters like Iron Fist or Spider-Man, we need you to do better than this, Hasbro:Marvel Legends Iron Fist

Final thoughts on the Marvel Legends Iron Fist?

For me though, the most important aspect of this figure is he does NOT have the God-awful, horrible delts I’ve seen on several of the Toy Biz era Legends. Maybe you loved them, but rest assured, you are wrong. If you’re a fan of the character, you probably already have this figure. By chance, if you see him marked down, I’d grab him. If you don’t see him marked down and you’re not a fan, it’s an easy pass. You can get him at slightly under retail still at Amazon.

If you picked him up, what did you think? If not, what stopped you?

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