In Retrospect: Marvel Legends Brood Queen BAF

Marvel Legends Brood Queen

I did not buy this wave. When I first returned to the hobby, I wasn’t about to “catch up” on entire waves, so I scoured eBay looking for ones I may want. I didn’t even know they made a Marvel Legends Brood Queen until I came across her on that hive of villainy and scum. It looks like you can still get her.

Why did I want the Marvel Legends Brood Queen?

I am not sure what the Brood are up to nowadays or the sociopolitical climate of their homeworld or the space whales they hollow out and use as vessels.

Binary euthanizes a braindead Acanti
This was also my first real introduction to Carol Danvers. I know prior to this she was Ms. Marvel, and Rogue accidentally on purpose stole all her powers. Then she popped back up as Binary (pictured here) before becoming Warbird and eventually Captain Marvel.

In short, I wanted the Marvel Legends Brood Queen because of how terrifying the X-Men story was that introduced the Brood to me. I was still very young when Double Sized X-Men 166 came out. My parents had never let me watch Alien yet, so I had no frame of reference for what the Brood did to their victims. Essentially, they inject eggs in a host and then the egg hatches and the host is killed by the Brood inside of them, or they morph into a Brood worker bee called Sleazoids. I forget which, now. If you’ve not read it yet, its worth a look. Grab it here.

For the time, this blew me away. The X-men were going to die, they all knew it, so they went on one last mission to do good. Rocked. My. World.

Look, there’s no WAY they’re getting out of this, right?

Turns out they did escape, but not before we saw Wolverine being an incredible bad ass.

This one event cemented a purchase for me that most people probably passed on.

There was one good thing to come out of this issue, the first appearance of Lockheed, Sprite’s pet dragon. The other good thing was we learned that Wolverine‘s healing factor wanted nothing to do with a Brood egg.


How much do I like the Marvel Legends Brood Queen BAF?

I love her. Sure, her articulation sucks, but she looks phenomenal. Here are some shots of my queen, I hope you enjoy them.

Marvel Legends Brood QueenMarvel Legends Brood Queen

What did you think of her? Did you read that comic when it dropped in 1983? Would love to hear from you!

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