S.H. Figuarts Padme Amidala Review (600 Words or Less)

I am sitting down to write this review even before the pictures from the photoshoot I just wrapped up have uploaded to Dropbox. I wanted to write it while the events of the shoot were still fresh in my mind. Unless you’ve been living in a cave since 1999, you probably are familiar with Padme Amidala. For those of you who are not, she was the Queen of Naboo, then a senator, then Anakin Skywalker’s lover, and finally Anakin’s baby momma. Her last act before dying from a particularly nasty break up was to name her twins Luke and Leia.

I genuinely hope that was a spoiler for you.

It dawned on me that some of you may have never seen a “Web Exclusive” box from Figuarts, so I took a shot of the box (don’t worry, this probably won’t be a “thing” unless someone likes pictures of boxes).

In 2002, Star Wars: Rock ¬†‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot was released upon the world. A quick 15 years later, we finally have a 1:12 Padme. I didn’t hate AOTC and as I said in Anakin’s review, a lot of us can now look back kindly on the prequels. Before solicits hit for this figure, I tried to think, “If we could only get one outfit for Padme, which one should it be?”

Yes, while your brain was solving adult problems, my brain was day dreaming about the perfect Padme figure.

That aside, the conclusion I came up with was indeed, this white, “battle action” uniform I now own. Only in my daydream, the torso section had a snap on/off piece to simulate both pre-torn and torn looks. *sigh*


As almost always with Figuarts, this figure looks incredible in hand. She comes with two heads, one has a slightly opened mouth and the default neutral head. I prefer the neutral expression.


She also comes with three sets of hands, and a blaster.


If you’re like me and stopped reading the instructions that come with your Figuarts figures, you might miss this, and you REALLY need to know it. The blaster handle separates from the blaster itself. This can be easily lost if you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing.

This little part comes off. Almost as if Bandai is daring you to lose it.


This is the part I didn’t want to forget… maybe I got a defective figure, but I felt it was important to note. Immediately out of the¬†package when I tried to reposition her, her right arm popped off and the little cup that covers up the butterfly joint went flying. I dismissed it as a fluke and put it together easily enough. Then it happened to the left arm. Same thing, snapped it right back in place. When swapping out the head, the peg stuck inside the head instead of the neck. I had to use tweezers to pull it out. This happened twice. Finally, the right leg seems to be a bit floppy. Finally, she has very little ankle pivot. A punishable offense!

See that ankle pivot? That’s about all you get. I implore Toy Companies, one of the posing aspects that really make a figure come alive for us in pictures, is ankle pivot. No real person stands on the side of their foot.


Even with these issues, I am still glad I got her. She looks great on the shelf! You can still get her here, but prices are rising quickly.


What do you think of her?