S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Captain America Evolution

This is not a review of the Figuarts Infinity War Captain America. Basically because if I only have negative things to say, it usually doesn’t get pushed high up on my priority list. A better name for this piece would be “The Evolution of an Action Figure.” (Worth noting, I did decide to call these “evolutions” because I like it better. – Justcrash)

I am not sure how the same company that can release the IW Black Widow figure or the Hulk, can make a figure like the Figuarts Infinity War Captain America. What’s wrong with it?

I understand the figure was produced using concept art for a reference, so I allow for those things. However, Chris Evans has NEVER looked like whoever the hell the head sculpt is supposed to be. He comes with a spear/staff that you see him with for 10 seconds. Not the shields he has for the last 45 minutes of the movie. This purchase has single handily made me think twice about pre-ordering Figuarts figures. I legitimately thought they would use the time between the solicits and the release to tool it up. On the upside, he has an articulated mullet.

They did not. On the positive side, we got a cool looking, if not unnecessary, grey explosion effect piece. We’ve gotten this piece before, but not this smokey grey.

The quality of this figure was exceptionally disappointing since my best friend Mark is the only one I know that is a bigger fan of Cap than I am. For me, he is easily in my top 5, possibly top 3 list of favorite characters. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve not seen a 1:12 figure that captures his likeness 100%. I’ve long since hypothesized that Chris Evans and to a lesser extent, Henry Cavill, must have really difficult faces to capture.

However, it goes beyond his face. On earlier Figuarts attempt, his legs look like they belong to Steve Rogers, PRE-serum. The 1:10 Marvel Select Civil War figure missed the mark on the face, but came the closest I’ve seen to capturing Evans’ physicality. My Hot Toys First Avenger figure looks a lot like Evans, but that’s also a $250 Hot Toy.

The first thing I did in order to crank up the authentic dial to 5, from, say, a 2, was purchase custom Wakandian shields for him from Danscustomsca on Instagram. Those looked way better than his spear, for sure.

I then picked up a custom head sculpt from OLDBOY CTTS and while the head looks nice, it doesn’t look much like Chris Evans. I may end up using it for a Rick Grimes custom.

I finally received the MANIPPLE headsculpt, AND the new forearms. Some people are really hating on the MANIPPLE head sculpt, but I think as far as my IW Cap figure goes, this is it. The most money I am willing to spend on him.

Take note, Bandai, people shouldn’t have to drop an additional $100+ to make your figure representable. Do better.

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