S.H. Figuarts Infinity War Thor Review

I feel like I have been waiting for the Figuarts Infinity War Thor figure since I started collecting again in 2015. Every other Thor figure I’ve owned has been a disappointment in some fashion. Worth mentioning because of how much I didn’t like them: Figma’s Avenger’s Thor with articulated hair that breaks (awesome) and the Figuarts Age of Ultron Thor, which remains on my top 3 worst import figures list.

To be fair, I had the Figuarts Ragnarok Thor, but sold it without opening the box. With space at a premium in my basement, I couldn’t justify having a Thor figure that is wearing a “one off” outfit/gladiator garb. I love the movie, but sold the figures from it. I’m an odd bird.

Enough preamble, let’s get to the meat, my friends.

That’s what she said.

What’s in the Figuarts Infinity War Thor box?

Surprisingly little. We get the figure, three sets of hands, and a Stormbreaker. In that regard, Bucky was able to temper my disappointment for Thor.

What doesn’t work with the Figuarts Infinity War Thor?

Warning: Nerd pickiness directly ahead.

He has no pack in effects. I know Bandai makes lightning pieces, I think I have three different sets. We only get one facial expression, which is disappointing, considering how many emotional beats Hemsworth hits in Infinity War. When we see him smiling, wishing The Morons good luck? Nope. As he was telling Rocket everything he lost, that heartbreak? Nope. The determination that a “thousand bastards” have all tried to kill him? Nope.

His grip hands don’t do a very good job, of, well, gripping. For some reason, the plastic gives way under the weight of Stormbreaker.

He seems short in comparison to Cap and Tony, but you can pull his legs down for a bit of height. Keep in mind, if you do that, you’re sacrificing his stability.

Finally, he has a cloth cape, which is soooo much better than the plastic crap we’ve gotten in the past. However, I would be remiss if I did not denote that the cape does NOT have a wire inside, so your choices for posing it are hanging down, or hanging straight down. With every figure that has a cape ending up with better aftermarket capes, why is Bandai not doing better?

What works with the Figuarts Infinity War Thor?

Outside of the grip hand, none of the issues I mentioned earlier cause me anything more than a slight inconvenience. When it’s all said and done, the Figuarts Infinity War Thor is, in my opinion, the best 1:12 MCU Chris Hemsworth on the market. Some people think the sculpt is off, and it may be slightly, but I refuse to spend my life being bitter in the face of near action figure perfection.

The articulation is smooth (in all the right places), and the cape does flow nicely off of the shoulders.

Should you purchase the Figuarts Infinity War Thor?

The Figuarts Infinity War Thor will cost you some coin, but if you have a Figuarts MCU collection, you need him in it. You can pick him up here!

  • Amazon (honestly this is a crazy price. If I didn’t have him, I probably would not pay this much for him)
  • eBay

Here are some detailed shots of Strombreaker!

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