New Marvel Legends X-Men Wave Revealed

Thanks to, we have our paws on some new Legends pics (in case that wasn’t clear, I did not take any of these pictures). I’m not sure you can call it an X-Men wave, because the only X-Men we get are a Mohawk Storm (which should effectively kill the aftermarket prices on the last one), the perfect Psylock, and what looks to be the best Wolverine 1:12 figure ever. At least until Revoltech’s comes out.

In addition to those three, we have pictures of an awesome looking Songbird, Paladin (he used to show up in Spidey comics in the 90’s if I recall), a Namor that will replace my Walmart exclusive one on my shelf, the new Spider-Woman uniform (looks killer), King Cobra, a new Iron Man and a Klaw/Shuri Panther two pack.

The BAF looks like Thanos. I was excited at first because he’s in his classic threads with the Infinity Gauntlet. However, on closer inspection, he looks like a repaint of the previous Thanos BAF, which I hated. Specifically, that stupid shoulder piece that goes around his neck and never looks right. Too bad, but fortunately I have my Select Thanos who is perfect as far as I am concerned.




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