Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive Black Panther Review

I love a good exclusive. Personally, I didn’t know that Black Panther had a uniform with pink in it. However, the Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive Black Panther comes decked out in black and pink. I spoke to my best buddy Mark, who is one of the few people I know that knows more about comics than I do (#humblebrag) about it. He said its a manifestation of his vibranium based powers in his suit.

Hey, ya know what? It’s comic books and that is as good an explanation as some other stuff I’ve read. I have heard him referred to as Pink Panther and I get it. Let me be honest with you guys, I have a confession to make: I can’t go to the bathroom without holding someone’s hand. The pink looks great. I didn’t pick up the last Marvel Legends Wal-Mart Exclusive Black Panther. He was more comic accurate but the buck he was on looked like Black Panther’s teen sidekick. I know people dislike the current exclusive’s body mold, but I think it makes him look a lot more physically imposing.

We are in a golden age of comic movies and as Black Panther’s first solo movie is about to drop (and my goodness does it look awesome), we are getting our Black Panther joy button pressed hard, starting with this Walmart Exclusive Black Panther. I am trying to get the four movie figures shot and posted before this coming weekend but for now, we have this bad boy.

What’s in the Marvel Legends Wal-Mart Exclusive Black Panther box?

This standard Marvel Legends box has a nice Wal-Mart exclusive sticker on it (just like every other Wally-World exclusive) and inside the box, we get the figure, an alternate head, two sets of hands a set of pink hand effects.

The yellow in the eyes combined with the pink against that black just really captures my attention. His articulation scheme isn’t bad, but I’d have liked to have seen a little more foot articulation in this Walmart Exclusive Black Panther.

As I mentioned, we get two sets of hands and a couple of effect pieces.

I shot the hands a little differently this time. Which way do you guys prefer it?

Here is the alternate head:

What doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends Wal-Mart Exclusive Black Panther?

First of all, the initial flaw I saw was the ankle articulation, but that is literally me doing my job as a reviewer and being a little too nit-picky. I will say the effect pieces were perplexing. T’Challa doesn’t really have any energy powers or pink flames or anything that would make that a sensible pack in. However, if you use it on the back of his claw hands, you can get a decent “vibranium slashing” effect. Over his fist makes no sense due to the business side of his hands are being his claws.

What works with the Marvel Legends Wal-Mart Exclusive Black Panther?

Most noteworthy, this is a solid figure. The buck may be outdated but it works here. He looks good on my shelf and in pictures. He scales well next to other Legends.

Should you get the Marvel Legends Wal-Mart Exclusive Black Panther?

There is no reason not to pick up the Walmart Exclusive Black Panther. However, my gut tells me, unless you’re doing reviews or have a Black Panther shelf begging for this guy, I’d say hold off and wait for the inevitable mark down. I’ve rarely seen Wal-Mart and Target exclusives not end up marked down. However, even at full retail, he is a nice offering from Hasbro. If you want to save the gas, you can get him for about $8 above retail at Amazon. Let’s wrap this bad boy up with some pics I really enjoyed taking.

Do you usually pick up the exclusives? They are easy to pass up without the BAF piece, so when they make a strong showing like this, I appreciate it. What did you guys think?

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