Mei Kai Studios Wolverine Custom Headsculpt

Mei Kai Studios Wolverine

The Mezco Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and what he does (face sculpts) ain’t pretty. That was a long way for a joke to go in order to say that the Mez Wolvie head was just “ok.” Fortunately, that’s where Tony Mei and Mei Kai Studios comes in, with their Mei Kai Studios Wolverine Custom Headsculpt.

Masterfully sculpted by Tony Mei and painted exceptionally well by Rick Jasso, there is no area where this head is not an improvement upon the Mezco efforts. That is not to say I disliked the Mezco Wolverine sculpts. I did not, I just like the options this new sculpt gives me for display purposes.

Mei Kai Studios Wolverine head sculpt Vs Mezco’s Sculpt

A picture is worth a 1000 words, right?

The Mei Kai Studios Wolverine custom head sculpt – was it worth it?

Heck to the yes. As always with a custom head like this, you’ll want to reach out to the artist doing the work. If you feel leery about purchasing something from a non-store or individual like this, I can vouch for both Tony and Rick’s work. Not just in terms of quality but also accountability. I’ve never had a bad experience with either of those guys. I also taught myself how to putty the head cavity so it fits on the neck peg. Go Team Me.

In summation, the Mei Kai Studios Wolverine sculpt is another incredible offering from Tony and Rick that should be celebrated.

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