Marvel Legends MCU Thanos BAF Review

By the time you read this, Infinity War should be out in theaters. I’ve not seen it yet but I am hoping to see it by the time you read these words (I have, twice, as this gets ready to be published). At this point, if you don’t have the Marvel Legends MCU Thanos then you’re probably not trying to get him. I say that because I am practically tripping over this wave in stores here in Columbus, which means the rest of the civilized world has had it for a while now.

We’ve seen surprisingly little of Thanos in the MCU so far. We see him a little at the end of Avengers, a few times in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie and I think that’s it. We see what we assume is his ship at the end of Thor Ragnarok, but that isn’t confirmed yet as far as I know.

I feel like I would be remiss if I didn’t say how much I am looking forward to this movie. A seminal story for me in regards to “event” stories was the Infinity Gauntlet. In terms of scope, the only DC story that is in the same neighborhood for me is the first Crisis. I was young enough when Infinity Gauntlet came out that I really thought that the people that died were, well, dead.

Ahhh youth.

One day you think Spider-Man is dead forever, the next you don’t understand why your acquaintance who stole a house also hawked your music gear.

Kids are dumb.

From a practicality purpose, I need to know where Thanos shops. I can’t find an easier way to keep my pants up without suspenders, but this guy buys a glove that is preconfigured to slot the most powerful items in the Marvel Universe? The man is fire.

What’s in the Marvel Legends MCU Thanos box?

Whatchu’ talkin’ about, Willis?

That is an example of 80’s humor. It’s like a time machine for my younger readers.

The Marvel Legends MCU Thanos doesn’t have a box, instead, he is comprised of parts packaged with the individual figures in the wave. Those releases were:

  • Proxima Midnight – Thanos torso
  • Iron Man figure – goose egg
  • Captain America – Thanos head
  • Taskmaster – Thanos leg
  • Songbird figure – Thanos arm
  • Klaus Voorhees – Thanos arm
  • Iron Spider – Thanos leg

Here are some pics:

What Doesn’t work with the Marvel Legends MCU Thanos?

The only part that I think is lacking on the Marvel Legends MCU Thanos is the head sculpt. Sure, a smiling, cocky face is welcomed (even if it looks like a California Raisin) but we need an angry face, and dare I say it, a less amused, more neutral face. I understand he’s a Build-A-Figure, but let’s not pretend we haven’t gotten BAFs with multiple heads before. Sandman springs immediately to mind. I’d say he is bland to look at, but I’ve not seen any reference material from Infinity War that suggests he’s wearing Rainbow suspenders or anything.

Wow, two suspenders jokes! Running hot today!

What works with the Marvel Legends MCU Thanos?

He’s a solid hunk of plastic with decent articulation.

They put a lot of texture in his uniform and I am a sucker for almost anything Infinity Gauntlet. In that regard, he has one and while not as detailed as the upcoming Figuarts figure, it still looks nice.

Should you get the Marvel Legends MCU Thanos?

Admittedly, I am a little biased. As I mentioned once or twice (during this review alone, never mind the people I’ve forced to read it in the two decades-plus it’s been around), I am a sucker for the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos in general.

That being said, I wasn’t going out of my way to get this figure. It’s just that the entire wave is so easy for me to get right now that just through attrition and picking up one a pay, I landed the entire wave. I’m happy I have him. If you’re like me and you like all things Infinity Stone related, you should try to put him together. If you don’t collect MCU figures, this is a hard pass. Likewise, if you’re sorta interested, just wait until the prices drop on the figures. He is not a “must have” and I really think the bulk of this wave will end up significantly reduced by years end.

You can still get the whole wave here or here.


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