Mezco Joker Deluxe Edition Review

Mezco Joker Deluxe Edition

After being a little underwhelmed with the standard Mezco Joker from last year, I was extremely pleased when the Mezco Joker Deluxe Edition went up for presale on the Mezco site; I was even more delighted that I was able to get in on the Preorder. He arrived late last week. I spent four days with him in my photobooth and I loved every second of it. The Joker is the ultimate agent of chaos in the DC universe. I believe this figure is the ultimate plastic representation of that chaos.

Drop the beat.

What’s in the Mezco Joker Deluxe Edition box?

The first thing I noticed is that this Mezco box is notably smaller in size than other Mezco’s I’ve purchased. I don’t know if this is the new norm or an abnormality. The change didn’t bother me in the least. There is a deluxe amount of accessories included. Now that I think about it, I wonder if that’s why they called it the Mezco Joker Deluxe Edition. All I know is it shames figures like Black Adam.

Don’t let the small box for the Mezco Joker Deluxe Edition fool you, this thing is PACKED with cool stuff. Besides the figure, we get a whopping FIVE DIFFERENT HEAD SCULPTS. Sweet jumpin’ molasses. He has a pistol with removable clip (with a spare clip), a UZI looking machine gun with removable clip (and spare clip), a bullet firing effect like Punisher has, a “Rambo” knife, a functional butterfly knife (what??), a set of wind up chattering teeth on feet (different color than the standard version release), 6 different hands (can’t call them “sets”), a bloody crowbar (remember calling in to vote if Robin would die in Death in the Family? Well, I do. Jason can suck it), a bunch of dynomite (how happy is Jimmy Walker?), his base and the standard display arm. Wow. Wow. Wow wow wow wow. All for the same price as a standard released Mezco. Wow. Thank you, Mezco, seriously. Let’s take a look at everything.

Also included is this amazing trench coat. The belt is wired so you can pose it somewhat.

What doesn’t work with the Mezco Joker Deluxe Edition?

This is an amazing figure, yet not without flaws. Right off the bat(man), I hate that he only has single jointed elbows. After the uproar on the standard Joker release, I assumed they would have corrected this mistake. Instead, they doubled down on it. Consequently, there are poses you can almost hit, but still come up short.  Even something as simple as him grabbing the rim of his hat becomes a monumental task.

I’m not a fan of the orange vest. It’s not that it looks bad, I just prefer the vest on the old one. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to get the vest off without tearing it. Unless the front buttons actually snap. However, in order to find that out, I’d have to rip one. Miss me with that.

The pistol is one I associate more with the Leto Joker. I always associate the big Magnum 44 looking pistol from the standard release with the Joker. I have no idea why I associate big pistols with the Joker.

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

I wish we would have gotten a set of neutral hands. He has one open hand (left hand) that is more of a “ta-da” appendage. You get two fists and two holdy hands. However, you only get one card hand, one shooting hand, and one ta-da hand. I like symmetry.

I wish his trench coat had pockets. Then I could put his double jointed arms I wish he had into the pockets I wished he had. However, I understand this is petty. Finally, I’m a little annoyed that the purple on the standard edition is a different shade than the deluxe edition. However, that is nothing I can’t live with in my collection.

What works with the Mezco Joker Deluxe Edition?

In a nutshell, everything except the elbows. This absolutely should have been the first release. I was going to sell my standard edition, and I still might, but I really like that pistol and I like having two sets of wind up teeth. Because I am a child. The detail on the dynamite bundle looks real while at the same time capturing comic booky goodness.

This figure is a joy to look at, its a joy to hold, its a joy to pose around and take pictures of, and frankly, unlike the Figuarts Flash figure, it is inspiring. The downside is it was a Mezco shop exclusive, and if you don’t already have it, you may be out of luck. You can get on their waiting list, which I definitely think you should go do that right now.

Should you purchase the Mezco Joker Deluxe version?

In case I haven’t made it clear, yes. We need to encourage manufacturers when they make amazingly accurate comic interpretations of our favorite characters and I can’t imagine a collector’s shelf that wouldn’t look better with him on it. Besides the Mezco waiting list, you may have some luck here:


In conclusion, this is a stellar job from the guys and gals at Mezco. He is going to look great next to your Mezco Batman figures.

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