Star Wars Black Series 4LOM Review

Black Series 4LOM

Let’s talk about the Hasbro Star Wars Black Series 4LOM. I am not going to sit back and pretend I know what 4LOM likes in his oatmeal. As I’ve stated several times, I don’t get down that far in the weeds. However, I would imagine the trivia I do know about characters in franchises I enjoy would probably mislead people into thinking I know how many times a protocol droid pleasures himself (the answer is, “I don’t know but he can do it in 6 million languages”).

Yet, when I saw the preorder go up for the Black Series 4LOM, I happily hit the “Add to Cart” button. I missed out on IG88, Bossk and any other bounty hunter they’ve released except for Greedo (who I got cheap on eBay. Probably because he’s dead in the first 20 minutes of Episode IV). That isn’t an impressive Bounty Hunter Collection when all you have is Boba Fett and Greedo. The aftermarket prices on the other characters really make me bitter that we simply do not get 2/3rds of any Black Series wave released in Central Ohio. Not that Hasbro has any reason to listen to me, but it seems like they would be printing money if they rereleased IG88 and Bossk. They both go for over $150 right now which is just ludicrous for a $22, supposedly mass produced figure. From a business perspective, they are shooting themselves in the foot.

I digress.

The Black Series 4LOM arrived last week. All I really knew about the character was based on the 30 seconds he was on screen in the Empire Strikes Back, and his small role in the Darth Vader series from Marvel Comics. It turns out, our boy LOM is a protocol droid. Like C3PO.

You read that right. This feared galactic bounty hunter is C3PO after an exceptionally bad day. Apparently, some glitches in his programming allowed him to seek his own individuality and in doing so, discovered that capturing and killing organics really checked off a few boxes for him emotionally. After holding the figure and examining it (because why the hell else would anyone stare at 4LOM for that long?) I can absolutely see the protocol droid he once was, albeit with huge insect eyes. In addition, he palled around with fellow bounty hunter Zuckus. They were so close that Kenner juxtaposed their names when they released their 1:18 figures back in the day.

His behavior makes me wonder if he wasn’t a direct influence on the evil droids (funhouse reflections of C3PO and R2D2) that Vader threw in with during the aforementioned Marvel series. Specifically 000. It’s a really well-done story and worth your time as a Star Wars fan, so go check it out if you haven’t already.

What’s in the Star Wars Black Series 4LOM Box?

Spoiler alert: You get 4LOM and his comically long rifle. I know its a standard Star Wars rifle design. It just seems like such a poor weapon choice if it’s your only weapon. Want some close-ups? No? Tough. I’m a toy bully, and now you know. Look at the pictures. LOOK AT THEM!!

What doesn’t work with the Star Wars Black Series 4LOM figure?

His articulation is very poor. His single jointed elbows are hampered even more so by their commitment to keeping his arms constrained to normal protocol droid poses. The problem is, the Black Series 4LOM is not very imposing when standing straight up and down. You won’t get any dynamic posing with him. Remeber that long rifle I pontificated upon in the last section? He can only hold it in one hand pretty much. The barrel won’t comfortably fit in his other hand. Consequently, I was always afraid of breaking off the thumb when I jam it in there.  The tethers that connect his bicep to his forearm, while screen accurate, are maddening to work. Finally, it would be nice if the bipod on the end of the rifle was actually functional.

What works with the Star Wars Black Series 4LOM?

Hasbro is really doing a great job at detailing and weathering figures of late, and the Black Series 4LOM is no exception. Under his bug eyes is a pearlescent green that reflects back at you with the right angle, and really gives depth to what could be a ridiculous design concept. In a static pose, he’s a handsome figure. He also has an excellent range of motion in his head in terms of tilt and looking down. To evade this 4LOM, climb a tree. He can’t look up.

Finally, I feel like 4LOM is what my girlfriend sees in her head when I tell her I saw a spider. That’s a good thing for me.

Also, yeah. I have a girlfriend.

Should you purchase the Star Wars Black Series 4LOM?

Every figure released by every manufacturer has the potential to be someone’s favorite character. That aside, unless you are a completionist, want all of the bounty hunters from that now infamous scene on the Star Destroyer, or you’re just a sucker for protocol droids, I am not sure you need him. As he is a new release, he can be picked up for a little over retail. That’s a good thing because if past bounty hunter releases are any indication, he will go way up in value. However, as an ACTION figure, he is a little underwhelming.

You can pick him up here:

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