S. H. Figuarts Flash Review (1000 Words or Less)

The Figuarts Flash figure is based on his recent appearance in last summer’s Justice League movie. In the film, he was portrayed by actor Ezra Miller. I was thinking of throwing more shade at Justice League like I did in my Batman review from the same figure line, but I realized that they all have to live with the shame of Henry Cavill’s upper lip.  That’s a much more brutal punishment than anything I can say or do. Besides, I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I enjoyed the movie. I also enjoy the idea of having a shared DC universe, even if the execution was flawed. Mostly because Warner Brothers hit the fast-forward button and skipped the universe building steps Marvel started taking in 2008. Maybe it was getting persecuted for my love of comics and science fiction, coupled with my parents’ insistence that my glasses be tinted “just in case” that made me so steadfast in my belief of unpopular things, but whatever it was, I stand by my statement. I enjoyed Justice League.

Very little is known about the DCEU Flash character. He has a dad in prison, presumably falsely accused of his mother’s murder. If that is the case, he shares that with the post-Flashpoint comic character. In my hierarchy of favorite comic characters, The Flash is near or at the top, depending on the day. I can tell you as much as you want to know about any comic character in the DC stable to share the Speed Force.

Contrast that to his film counterpart, whom we know is named Barry Allen as well. When last seen, he was not working for the Central City PD but was going to college at the end of the film. We don’t know how he got his powers, we don’t know if there is an Iris, and we don’t know if there was a Jay Garrick to inspire him. He’s a big laundry list of unknowns in the DCEU. All we know for certain is that he is fast. Some may even call it SUPER fast.

What is in the Figuarts Flash box?

We get the Figuarts Flash figure, and three sets of hands. Face punchy hands, neutral hands, and Karate hands. They probably aren’t for Karate, but like I said, the man is a riddle (Tom Riddle. Get it? Because Ezra was in a Harry Potter movie. It’s a stretch, so thank you for going on this short aside with me). Let’s look at the deets!

What doesn’t work with the Figuarts Flash figure?

A huge pet peeve of mine is a lack of accessories, especially on import figures. We’re paying a premium price, so at the very least, an unmasked head? The Mafex version has it, and it looks like an incredible figure. However, all things being equal, I simply can’t keep up with every line that makes a figure I want. The bulk of my display figures are Figuarts, which means they all scale nicely together. Thus, I went with the Figuarts. It wasn’t like I didn’t know he wouldn’t have a sculpt sans the cowl, but it’s still frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating, his right ankle seems to have significantly more range of motion than the left. How does that happen?

The most surprising part of this figure was the unfortunate articulation decisions. There is a complete lack of an ab crunch. What the actual crap, Bandai? There is a diaphragm joint (which I am a fan on as opposed to the waist-twist) that bends back a little but he isn’t going to be entering any limbo contests. However, there is no forward movement on the upper torso at all.

Finally, his shoulder joint greatly inhibits his arms lifting. A maddening amount.

I’ve probably said this before, but it confounds me that there isn’t an entry-level position that does nothing but checks basic articulation points for obstacles. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t as bad as the Multiverse Cyborg or the Multiverse JL Flash figure. It’s simply irksome.

What works with the Figuarts Flash figure?

In spite of my misgivings, it is another sculpt knocked out of the park. The Figuarts Flash captures the look of the movie perfectly. At first, I thought the shade of red in the film was brighter, but that seems to vary from photograph to photograph, and scene to scene. The linework and paint apps on the figure are really well done. I wasn’t sold on the costume when I first saw it in early movie solicits, but after watching the movie a few times and spending time with the figure, I have grown to like it.

He can nail a pretty wicked running pose, which is what I want my Flash figures to do.

Should you buy the Figuarts Flash Figure?

If you’re a Flash fanatic, then yes. If you’re a fan of the DCEU, then yes. I know I mentioned the lack of accessories. However, I’m not sure what other hands they could have given him and despite me moaning about the lack of an unmasked sculpt, I doubt I would have displayed him with it anyway.

However, with zero emotional resonance to the character, he just isn’t fun to mess around with. Maybe I’ll change my mind but as of now, he’s kind of lackluster.

In summation, what perplexes me about this figure is I should love it. Its one of my all-time favorite characters, from a movie I enjoyed, crafted by a toy manufacturer I love. Yet… he doesn’t do a lot for me. Sometimes figures beg me to take more pictures of them than I intended. They inspire me. This figure doesn’t inspire me in the least.

If he tickles your fun spot, then you can pick him up here:


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