Star Wars The Black Series Bossk Review

The Black Series Bossk figure is an “Archive” release. The Archive releases are updated versions of hard to find figures. I never understood why Hasbro didn’t do this very same thing long ago. There has to be at least ONE employee there with an eBay account. I would think that person has a responsibility to say to someone, “Hey, um, guys… people are paying $150 for this figure and we aren’t seeing a dime of that.”

I am extremely thankful that Bossk and IG88 were part of that first wave. I am also extremely thankful for one of the few instances of self-control I’ve exercised in this hobby. I fought hard to not spend that cash on those figures on the aftermarket, but man I wanted a reputable bounty hunter shelf. Fortunately, I saw enough people online say how horrible they were articulation wise (and scale wise for murder-bot) and I held off. I am confident that this is the universe rewarding me.

Bossk as a character fascinated me ever since I ended up with the original Empire 1:18 figure. I needed to know this dude’s story. He was a lizard, right? But, like in a flight suit. What the wha? The flight suit looked similar to the pilot outfit Luke wore (also a release in this wave), a look I really liked.

As an adult, I learned that the suit was simply a prop they had left over from Doctor Who, and that was based on a high altitude pressure outfit. He turned up in both The Clone Wars and Rebels. Click here to check out his backstory.

What’s in The Black Series Bossk box?

The Black Series Bossk figure is a minimalist kinda lizard. He comes with a rifle and some super dry skin. Gaze upon his reptilian glory.

What doesn’t work with
The Black Series Bossk figure?

Oh sweet baby Justin Bieber, quite a bit.

His articulation scheme is tragic. That is one of the big flashing neon light warnings I got from people who owned the figure. If I had bought this figure on the aftermarket for a hundred plus bucks? Ohhhhh boy would I have been punching eBay in their metaphysical testicles.

Black Series Bossk
He is not going to get a lot more expressive than this pose.

Obviously, he doesn’t have double jointed elbows. However, what would you say if I told you he barely has a single jointed elbow? I bet you’d punch your mom right in her metaphysical face. Well… you’d better ask your mom to leave the room, because brothers and sisters, I am here to tell you: He barely has a single jointed elbow.

He also has a single jointed face. Jaw, specifically. However, it’s an illusion. It doesn’t really matter where his head is positioned, there is always something blocking it from moving. That’s not fair. It does move. Barely. In a fashion that makes you want to write a review whining about it.

The Black Series Bossk figure has three toes for fingers on each hand, and each hand can barely hold his rifle. It’s hard to be intimidating when you can almost jab your rifle at someone aggressively.

What works with The Black Series Bossk figure?

I can’t speak to the paint apps on the original Black Series Bossk firsthand, but from what I’ve read, these archive figures have better paint apps (in edition to using their face printing tech on Luke). What I can speak to is the quality of the paint apps on this new release, and it is very fine indeed. The detail on the guy is simply pleasing to look at. Like deez.

Deez figures. *waves to shelves*

Ha! Got ’em!

Not only are the paint apps nice, but there is some sharp detail on this sculpt. Nicely done indeed, Hasbro.

Should you pick up The Black Series Bossk figure?

Yeah, sure. I guess. I mean, it will be years before Bandai or Mafex hits the point where they’re making bounty hunters, if ever. Unless you can make custom figures or 3D print a sex toy, you’re left with little choice. If you want a legitimate Empire Bounty Hunter shelf, you gotta get the Black Series Bossk. You can get him here:

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