Star Wars The Black Series Bespin Han Solo Review

Star Wars The Black Series Bespin Han Solo

I fell in love with The Black Series Bespin Han Solo the second I laid eyes on him. I had no intention of even getting him. Then I saw him, and all of a sudden, I was 7 again.

The Empire Strikes Back was really when my childhood died. You see, I am not sure if everyone can tell you when their childhood died, but I can. This was the first time I had ever seen the bad guys win. I was 7.

I had no idea if or when there would ever be another one. I didn’t even really know what a “sequel” or a “trilogy” was. For all I knew, this was it… Han Solo was a coffee table, and Luke had one less hand to wipe his ass with while his new dad told him he had to be out of the trailer by 5 because “that cashier from Safeway is stopping by.”

The universe couldn’t be that cruel. But here’s what I know: I was old enough to understand what each and every one of my 1:18 Star Wars figures were and I was able to get lost in that world for hours. One of the ones that I got the most mileage out of, was this guy right here:

Not my picture, credit goes to whomever took it.

All of those memories smacked me in the face when I laid eyes on the new Black Series Bespin Han Solo. I had to have it. And hey, we’d buy another one for the kid anyway.

What’s in The Black Series Bespin Han Solo Box?

Surprisingly little. All we get in The Black Series Bespin Han Solo’s box is, well, Han, and the blaster he shot first. Because Han always shoots first.

What doesn’t work with The Black Series Bespin Han?

He’s a fairly mediocre figure in terms of “fun value.” Almost no pack-ins and standard Black Series articulation (C’MON!).

What works with the Black Series Bespin Han Solo?

He has an ok faceprint. Not on par with some of the better ones, but at the right angle, he looks pretty Harrison Fordish to me.

Star Wars The Black Series Bespin Han Solo
I thought this angle, in particular, does a good job of capturing Ford’s likeness.

The details on the clothing are very subtle but nice. Every wrinkle, fold, and crease are appreciated. However, the thing I like the most is how for a few minutes, it made me feel like I was a 7 year old again. My family was still together, we hadn’t lost our home yet and my dad hadn’t died from cancer. It was… nice.

If you want to pick him up, I don’t think he is in any danger of selling out. Here are a couple links to find him:

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