Marvel Legends Gamora and Nebula Review (1000 Words or Less)

Good news! With me wrapping up the latest edits on my novel, I will have some free time to get back into the plasticy goodness that are action figures. At least until I get the new set of edits I need to make.

Bad news: If this weekend goes as I envision, I will be putting together a new huge shelf for my basement and redoing my displays. That won’t leave me any time for pictures, but that is a good problem to have.

That was 84 words I probably didn’t need to waste, but there you have it. Also worth noting, these are probably the worst pictures I’ve taken since I’ve started actually learning how to take pictures. I know I wanted to capture the details of the costumes AND the face sculpts. I seemed to have captured none of those things.

Both Nebula and Gamora feature excellent facial sculpts. Hasbro seems to get better with every wave, and I believe they are either moving quickly towards, or already at, doing digital face printing. This Gamora really makes the one from the first movie look ridiculous.

Gamora comes with a large gun (though not nearly as large as the one she used in the movie on Nebula’s ship). She also has two versions of her sword. One expanded and one that fits neatly in her… sword holster? It fits that is, until you move her legs, then it pops out. Be careful, this could easily get lost.


I love the attention to detail on her boots, but they also make her hard to stand.


Be careful with this, it will simply pop off.
With her sword in its sheath, this is as far out as her legs can go without it popping off. Fun!


Speaking of her legs, they simply… pop off. Be careful. I mentioned their facial sculpts and honestly, we are getting closer and closer to a lot of us having to decide between the Figuarts version of a character and the Hasbro version. Ultimately, I think we will end up paying more for the import because as collectors, bloggers and photographers, we like having options. Options mean accessories. I don’t see Hasbro competing with this yet. The try, but in this instance, with no additional hands or facial expressions they are not competing in that price point. Yet.

Nebula has an amazingly detailed outfit as well. Both of them look like actual fabric without being fabric, if that makes sense. She comes with a blaster and her cyborg arm. The arm is easily swapped with an actual human arm with no issues.



As seems to be the issue with their female figures of late (I am looking at you, Hela) both figures are a pain to stand in a vanilla pose, let alone anything dynamic.

Nebula has a much better range of motion.



Do you want these figures? Considering you can probably get them for less than retail now, I would say there is no good reason not to have these core GOTG figures on your shelf.

What did you think of them?

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