NYCC 2017 Reveal! Ragnarok Thor and Hulk from S.H. Figuarts!

That headline sounded like I was pretty excited. I guess somewhat, I am. It will be nice to replace these two abominable derp-fests on my MCU Import shelf.

I’m not sure why we are all surprised about this reveal. With a few exceptions (the majority of the GOTGs, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Quicksilver, Scarlett Witch, Nick Fury, Iron Monger, Ronan, etc… ok, more than a few, but you’ll get my point) we’ve gotten at least one representation of all of the MCU characters from Bandai.


I wasn’t hardcore collecting until AFTER The Age of Ultron. I think the MK 43 was one of the first legends I purchased during that time, and I’d never heard of imports. This means I didn’t really have a good MCU Thor figure, as I missed out on both of his first movies and the first Avengers movie and I don’t recall seeing a single packed MCU Thor from AoU and I didn’t want to drop the coin on the 4-pack, even though I want that Banner.

However, these two are a conundrum to me. It’s Thor in his least Thor like appearance ever, and I imagine that if I count the two Legends, this one and the Mezco, I’ll probably end up with four different versions of a Thor with short hair and no Mjolnir. Still, even with Figuarts face printing technology, something in this prototype looks… “off.”


He just kind of looks lifeless to me. I know I’ll get slaughtered for saying this, and I am 99% sure I’ll feel different with the Bandai in hand, but if I am just basing it on pictures, I don’t think this face, at this angle in this lighting (see the caveats?) looks any better or worse than what Hasbro’s new face printing tech produced.


Of course, the details on the Bandai already look more pronounced than the Hasbro version. If this is the only Thor I can get that doesn’t look like Chris Hemsworth’s less attractive sibling, I will take it.

For Hulk, I am not as low on MCU figures. I have the last attempt by Bandai who came so close to being a great figure except for that face. I have the marvel Select AoU Hulk and finally, my main display Hulk, the Figma, who despite his flaws (seriously? You couldn’t figure out a way to keep the legs attached?) is currently the best looking 1:12 MCU Hulk available in my opinion.

A few of the complaints about the BAF MCU Gladiator Hulk have pointed out that his neutral face was an issue. Some of those complaints may have even came from me. This Hulk seems to have done away with any semblance of a polite Hulk, instead embracing his savage nature. I’m totally ok with that. Instead I’ll just say what I said about Thor, and that is this is a bitter sweet reveal… he’s a Hulk figure in a look that despite Pak’s run in the comics, is a very atypical Hulk look.


He looks way better than their last Hulk attempt so I am crossing my fingers! As I see more reveals that interest me, I’ll be posting them here. Feel free to share this with your friends, and if you’re planning on picking these up, let me know in the comments section.

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