NECA Marine Accessory Pack Plastic on Plastic Review

NECA Marine Accessory Pack

With the sad, impending doom of Toys ‘R Us upon us, I visited my local one to look around. Things were marked down 10% which gave me a good excuse to buy the NECA Marine Accessory Pack (if you don’t know where the set comes from, go here). I wasn’t sure about it. I like NECA figures but by in large, I’ve been phasing out my 1:10 collection. No, my friends. I wanted these for my 1:12 figures, but wasn’t sure they’d work.

I quickly googled “Will the NECA Marine Accessory Pack work with 1:12 figures?” and there were scant few results. I took it upon myself to find out. Plus, you know… 10% off.

What’s in the NECA Marine Accessory Pack box?

The NECA Marine Accessory Pack is very straightforward. You get two standing cannons, a flashlight, a pouch, pistol, knife, assault rifle, shotgun, two effect pieces, two laptops, a helmet, and flamethrower. That’s a lot of stuff.

What doesn’t work with the NECA Marine Accessory Pack?

I love effect pieces in the NECA Marine Accessory Pack, so I was excited to see the pack-ins. However, they barely stay in the weapon. Instead of making all the barrels work with the pieces, they only work with one each. The plastic on the shotgun trigger snaps off easily. Please… ask me how I know.

The pistol and knife are way too small for 1:12 scale figures, so I’m not sure how they would work with 1:10 figures.

What works with the NECA Marine Accessory Pack?

The bulk of the weapons work well and look great with 1:12 Mezco and Marvel Legend figures. However, the reason we are both here is that Mezco Cap returns with another Plastic on Plastic review. If you’ve never read a Toyville feature before, I would start here, here and maybe here. Mezco Cap is a nice enough guy, but he brings with him some sensibilities that should have stayed in the ice. Toys with ‘Tude is proud to present the third installment of our Plastic on Plastic series.

If you’re interested in some other pictures, here you go:

Should you get the NECA Marine Accessory Pack?

If you collect, pose and/or photograph 1:12 figures, I don’t think you can lose with the NECA Marine Accessory Pack. Go pick it up in a store, or look online here:


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