S.H. Figuarts Deadshot Review (500 Words or Less)

The Figuarts Deadshot from the Suicide Squad movie is a great addition to my DCEU shelf. The Will Smith sculpt looks pretty darn nice. Definitely better than his Multiverse Counterpart:

Any figure from the Multiverse line seems to answer the age old question, “What would it look like if a dolphin could make action figures?”

Sure, dolphins are smart and could surely overcome some obstacles, but eventually that lack of thumb is going to cost them.

While the figure is sublime, Figuarts seems to have skimped out on accessories (which makes “web exclusives” frustrating). You get two sets of hands, an alternative head and a rifle. All of that cool stuff in the various holsters and pouches on his body? Those ain’t comin’ out, sucka! To make matters worse, the pouches and various holsters hinder the movement of his upper thighs. This is┬ásomething I didn’t notice until I spent two days with him getting together a new article for you animals.

Still, he is a great addition to the shelf. If you see him for a reasonable price, I say get him. “Reasonable” being the operative word. It’s a good likeness of Will Smith, but ultimately the figure suffers from a lack of accessories and an oddly disjointed script from the movie it stems. Regardless, I like him. If you’re looking at picking him up, you can still get him at the following places:

XavierCal Customs and Collectibles (my go-to site, great service, free shipping on all US orders)

What are your thoughts on Big Willie Style?

Update: Found out all of his little pouches and the boot knife can be removed. Ask me how I found out. Go on, ask me.

If you said “one popped off and you had to crawl around the kitchen to find it,” you’d be correct. I felt it would be something you should know before you start posing him. They aren’t nearly as annoying as the elbow pads on the AoU and CW Captain America.

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