Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man Review

Picked up the Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man the same night I picked up my Tech Suit Spider-Man from the same Homecoming line.

In general, he is a fairly standard figure in terms of articulation. Double jointed elbows and knees, with excellent head and ankle movement. No butterfly joints, but it is what it is, right? Besides, this particular Spider-Man isn’t wall crawling so much as he is kicking Galactus in the balls.

Don’t know anything about this character? Ok, let’s start with what I know. The cosmic power set, at the time, floated around space looking for whoever needed it and the power it possesses is pretty far up on the galactic scale. Much like Dial H for Hero in DC, it allowed the writers to tell a unique story every two issues or so. The main problem for me was I couldn’t get on board with a monthly title featuring a lead character that I had no interest in and no attachment.

Where I became aware of Cosmic Spidey was during the David Michelinie/Todd McFarlane run of Spider-man. It was a wondrous time. A time that gave us Venom and some other very popular characters. It was a time before Todd McFarlane completely conquered the art world (as far as comics were concerned) and decided “Hey, anyone can write!”

Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man
Yes, Cosmic Spider-Man actually punched the Hulk into orbit once.

The particular run where Spidey had his cosmic powers featured other artists besides McFarlane, most notably Erik Larsen of Savage Dragon fame, or as he’s known now, “the guy that gets super angry on social media.” Its worth a read, and you can get it for a song and a dance here.


As far as I knew, that was the end of it. My friend Mark informed me in the Spider-Verse stories, there is another earth that has no superheroes because Peter Parker never lost the Captain Universe powers. No other hero is needed. I REALLY need to read that story as I like Dan Slott’s Spider-Man stories quite a bit. Since Mark’s knowledge of comics is one of the few that equals, and often exceeds my own, I trust his judgment that the story is pretty kick-ass.

Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-ManMarvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man

What’s in the Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man box?

Now that you have the history, back to the figure. Besides the Vulture BAF wing part he comes with, he also has an alternative bearded Peter Parker head AND a Captain Universe head. In case you’re one of the seven guys who was a fan of the short-lived incarnation. Sorry, no alternative hands, but the fisted hands he does come with suggest he’s there for one reason: To throat punch evil-doers. I can get behind that idea.

Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-ManMarvel Legends Cosmic Spider-ManMarvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man

Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man
“Whoa, one day I’ll grow up and have a beard? I mean, besides Mary Jane?”

Should you get the Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man?

He’s a very sharp looking figure, but he may not be for everyone. Pick him up if you’re a fan or want the BAF piece. Otherwise, he may be an easy pass for some of you. Not for me, but for some of you.

You can get him here:

Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man
No Infinity Gauntlet? I’d take Cosmic Spidey all day long.

Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man

Did you pick him up? If so, what did you think of him?

He is still available in the regular places:

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