Mafex Spider Man Review

Mafex Spider Man

I have a couple of Mafex Spider-Man figures. An Amazing Spider Man 2 (deluxe, baby!), a Homecoming Spider Man and an Iron Spider preordered. Needless to say, with how much I loved the other Mafex Spider Man figures, when I saw the comic version, it was like a light shined down from nerd heaven. I needed it. I’m not a stranger to Spider Man figures. I am sure I’ve even reviewed a few. I consider myself a bit of a Spider Man expert, ladies. Let’s stop wasting time and jump into that box.

What’s in the Mafex Spider Man Box?

As I mentioned, I knew what to expect, and I wasn’t let down. We get the Mafex Spider Man figure, three different heads (a Todd McFarlane-esque big eyed version, a Mark Bagley-esque masked version and a classic comic Peter Parker with the two cowlicks), a swinging web, 2 short and 2 long thwip webs, a grabbing web (I don’t know what else to call it), a mask for Pete to hold, and two hands and feet with tiny magnets in them. Finally, we get what I and a few others think are some of the best stands on the market, the standard Mafex stand. Seriously, Medicom, you’re losing money by not selling just your stands.

What doesn’t work with the Mafex Spider Man figure?

It’s time for nitpicky me. My single biggest gripe is the location of the “belt” on his costume. I suppose its more of a onesie. Regardless, they placed the belt in a location that is easily swallowed by the articulation. You need the red to break up that blue. Perhaps if they put half on the top and half on the bottom?

The Mafex Spider Man has butterfly shoulders, but I would have liked to have seen a greater range of motion with them.

While the wrist pegs make it easy to get the swappable hands on and off, it also makes them more prone to falling off on their own as well. Be careful.

Speaking of things that will fall out on its own, if you don’t place the mask exactly in his hand just right, it will fall out. It’s tiny and would be easy to lose.

Mafex still does not understand flesh tones. That lack of understanding really hurts what would have been the quintessential comic Peter Parker head sculpt.

As much as I love the Mafex stands, I would have liked to have seen a peg hole in his back. When posing him for photographs or just in general, the clip really gets in the way a lot.

The web with the cup at the end attaches to nothing. It was infuriating when you couldn’t attach the ASM2 web to the sewer cover he came with, and it’s more infuriating now. Such a good idea wasted.

The magnetic hands and feet, as in past iterations, is a cool gimmick. However, until they strengthen their magnets, its nothing more than a novelty. I was reminded of this when I stuck him on the fridge for a picture and watched him slide down repeatedly.

Finally, could we have gotten a battle damaged headsculpt? Isn’t it high time for one? The last one I remember was from the first Toby movie. Also, if I had to pick one additional pack in, I’d like to have seen a camera. I need a 1:12 camera for Pete!

What works with the Mafex Spider Man?

Someone at Medicom (the people who make the Mafex line) must really love Spider Man. You can see it in almost every Mafex Spider Man version thus far. His articulation is top notch.

There are enough hands to cover any scene you want to shoot him in, and can nail any spider pose I could think of in my comic addled brain. The down side is all the hyper articulation is that he feels a little loose to me. Nothing you can’t work with though.

The fact of the matter is, there is too much good to cover here, and almost all of it comes from being a dead bang interpretation of a character many of us have loved for decades. The negative stuff I mentioned, all just being hyper critical. Very little of it affects my enjoyment of this figure.

Should you pick up the Mafex Spider Man?

I have good news and I have bad news for you. Yes, you should get it. However, the bad news is, the figure’s price almost tripled after his release. The good news? Medicom is releasing another wave, so be ready. If you’re a Spider Man fan, get this figure. No lie. It will be the only Spider Man you should need. You can try looking for him here:

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