OLDBOY CTTS Custom Lando Head

OLDBOY CTTS Custom Lando

A chance to show off my OLDBOY CTTS Custom Lando custom repaint. Lando Calrissian seems to be an almost forgotten character in the series. I imagine it’s for good reason. The first time you see him, he’s betraying everyone else to the Empire. The next time you see him, he’s blowing up the Death Star MK II. Not a lot of time to get to know him.

Still, Billy Dee Williams has always been on my list of people who were the epitome of “cool.” With that in mind, its surprising we haven’t had a 6 inch Lando before (must… resist… six… inch… joke…). However, the Black Series gave us one. I didn’t pick him up because I just didn’t care for the face, even though it is a figure I would have loved as a kid. It has all of the usual Black Series articulation, has a pistol, a communicating device and a cape that only looks good in one or two poses.

Very soon they are releasing what appears to be a digitally printed Lando face on his Jabba Gaurd disguise. It’s better, but for me, his Bespin outfit is the outfit I associate with him.

This is all well and good, but I’m not here to review this figure. I’m actually here to take a closer look at the OLDBOY CTTS Custom Lando head work. It took me a while to discover he existed, and he sells things a little differently. You have to contact him through his Facebook page with a direct message. The heads come painted and ready to swap out.

I had heard people talking about OLDBOY before but didn’t understand what the deal was with purchasing. It just so happened that someone shared a Poe (from Star Wars, not Edgar Allen) sculpt he made that was going up for preorder (I take a look at the Poe head here). I PO’d it and in turn, found out that he only does limited runs on his pieces and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This led me to eBay where I searched for his name. The only hit that came back was this OLDBOY CTTS Custom Lando piece. I liked it so much I bought the actual mass market release figure on eBay for cheap. Little did I know that the person on eBay was selling the body with it, so now I have two Landos. This head looks good enough that my girlfriend, who never notices my figures, specifically pointed this one out as she was looking at my displays and said, “that looks good.” She’s right! I should have my Poe head review/compare up soon as well. For now, I hope you enjoy these pics I’ve taken to showcase the new figure.

OLDBOY CTTS Custom Lando
For posterity’s sake, the left is Black Series, the right is the OLDBOY head piece. Hasbro’s offering isn’t bad for a mass produced figure, but it’s not good enough to be displayed with my Figuarts and Mafex figures. The new head looks great next to them.
OLDBOY CTTS Custom Lando
Lando with my Revoltech R2.
OLDBOY CTTS Custom Lando
I don’t know if the Mousebot is surrendering or not. Could just be an R2 fan-bot.

OLDBOY CTTS Custom Lando

Have you ever purchased anything from OLDBOY? My experience with him was super chill and all indications point to him being a solid dude. Do you have a custom go-to guy? I’d love to hear from you!

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