OLDBOY CTTS Cable Headsculpt


When I saw the OLDBOY CTTS Cable headsculpt, I knew I needed it. I loved Deadpool 2 and Brolin’s Cable. Sure, he was much smaller than I’d expect a Cable to be, but he delivered on the angst.

Annoying story: when I saw Deadpool 2 in the theaters, the power went out in the middle. Consequently, I missed the entire bus/street fight and Juggs ripping Wade in half. When the movie started again, Deadpool was shirt-cockin‘ it and I had no idea why.

Back to my point. The head sculpt and paint job are top notch. Unfortunately, the body it was designed for (the Sasquatch wave Cable) seems too big for the head. When placed on the body, it’s more reminiscent of Luther from Umbrella Academy than Cable.

I’ve not been shy about how much I enjoy OLDBOY’s work, and this one is no different. I just wish it looked better on the intended body.

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